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  1. Kazzy

    Call of Juarez

    I have the game, it is pretty fun in single player mode. I do wish I did not have to be forced to play a certain playstyle though, like the indian kids sneak around playstyle. I am more of a bust down the door and blow em to bits, which is the Reverend's playstyle. The graphics are amazing, and it makes me feel like I am in the deserts of New Mexico again, which is where I lived during my college years.
  2. Screw my TT Big Typhoon, imma get one of these bad boys...
  3. Copperhead all the way. Takes a few weeks to get used to it, but once I did I never looked at mice the same way, it made BF2 a whole new game to me...
  4. firefox 2. something, I do the auto updates=PPP I am surprised there are not more people using opera in these forums =P
  5. Comcast in western Massachusetts. I will try to run it again later, as I am running my music stream atm, and downloading. Wonder if it will be worse or maybe better =P *edit* closed everything down...
  6. I might buy it just because of how cool it looks, but I geuss the smart thing is to see if it is = to or better than stock, hell if it is = to I will still buy it. *edit* I like how they included extra holes on the other side of the fins, I was wondering if havign two fans on it might make a diff, geuss i will have to wait till I buy heh.
  7. an LS1, that tiny thing? you trying to fly the car looool, =P j/k would seem like a very tight fit. I have always wanted to put the 05 gto engine into my car, but after prices I might as well buy a used gto, it would prolly be cheaper. (I believe it is the LS2 engine *425 hp* in the 05 plz dont qoute me though it is 12:30 am and I have been up almost 24 hours lol =P)
  8. I am loving my Thermaltake Big Typhoon, worth my 46$ from newegg.
  9. As for the money part hehehe, it depends on your needs, computers are about mid tier for me right now, but soon they will be low tier, or almost non existant. I joined the USMC- DEP (delayed entry program) on 24 Sep 05 I ship to bootcamp 24 Jul 06, that is why I was askign the MOS hehehe, I will be doing DD- 0261 (Geographical Intelligence Specialist) I cannot wait BTW, ty for serving beavis
  10. Hello Beavis, Sorry if this is way off topic but I noticed the Honorable discharge papers on the wall, I was just wondering what your MOS was.... ---------------------------- Back on topic.... Nice desk, my cousin used to have the exact same one. Nice case, do these smooth creations people do car paint jobs =P As for the monitor <----- Jealous I am still sitting on my 17 inch dell flat crt lmao
  11. I am loving my opteron 148, best purchase I think I have ever made when it comes to computers.
  12. Thermaltake 470w So far it is handling my setup very nicely considering I only paid 45$ for it in a bundle price with my case.
  13. I go with nvidia. However, my very first video card was an integrated ATI rage II pro 2mb back in 1996 lol....
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