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  1. ive been using 11905.. think its a tony's tweak.. makin my pc run damn crap.. going to flash to 0406 2nite.. mite b this new ram...
  2. carving.. got my 8800 just in time then aye.. gota love the superclocked cards now out!
  3. tsunami cases are crap, stick with one thats all metal dont waste ur time on plastic crap!!! .. go with afew lian li's they mayb abit more xpensiv but they are sooo much better, easier to work on, iv gota pc-65 and has mean airflow, 2 80mm at the front, one on the side window, one on the back and one at the top, no hot air at all its all blown out!!!
  4. iv got the same problem with my mates rig who has the dfi ut expert too.. his cpu fan spins at really random rpm's it seems to be always changing... and wen we run speedfan the pc turns off...!! really weird
  5. is this really a good question? everyone knows that ATI pwns Nvidia.. but some of us cant afford at x1900XTX so we have to settle for the 7800GTX insted .. i wish i culd afford an ATI .. forceware really does suck butt
  6. i use Deer Park Alpha 2!! Its ownage
  7. i have since done further testing with my v1.1 memory... i found that putting it at 2.72v (orig on 2.66v) it runs totaly stable..
  8. is this problem with faulty readings?? my 2nd rig with a 3000+ and dfi lp ut expert has faulty readings.. bios always reads about 20-25c most of the time, and it thinking its under 25c the fan slows down and somtimes stops, windows readings (using everest) always detects the cpu at 50c+ ...
  9. mmm ive had this problem too.. it seem'd to be a problem with the v1.1 of the corsair memory... v1.2 has no problems at all
  10. pain in da arse problem... i found my random crashes were down to v1.1 of my memory.. v1.2 is perfect.. now im trying to sell this corsair and going to buy OCz GX XTC 2x1gb.. top stuff lets hope i dont have any problems
  11. iv had that kind of problem before with very unstable games, windows was fine, it came down to my ram timmings in general.. the v1.1 of this corsair ram was VERY unstable in games.. as soon as i changed to 2x512 of v1.2 it worked fine.... 1.1 being the old memory revision didnt like my new motherboard!!
  12. yeah, im getting my crap kinda stable, and its in the orange slots atm, but i got corsair twinx everyone else seems to have geil or OCz... hmmmmmmm
  13. aww how sad!!! its a good use of that X1800 too!! Duke3d works tho!!!
  14. damn man, that is going to be one killer machine when its up n running!!
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