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  1. I read the guide, I already know my max. Stuck on dividers What should my divider be at 2900 mhz/then 3000?
  2. The only thing I just dont understand is dividers, I had to have a friend help me originally but he is away now. When Runningf my memory (see sig) @ 250mhz and My Opty [email protected] 2.8 (310x9) I put the divider at 133 (I believe) But now im ready to push my opty further, still at stock volts, do I keep my divider the same.. or what do I change it too? Thanks!
  3. I would say good, to me anything that hits 2600 fx60 speeds at around 1.45v is good.
  4. lol, Thank you. Update: 10 Hours dual prime95 stable at 2850 (1.32)
  5. Lol! Were speedy down here at the street.
  6. Ah, I grabbed the pic from my email (was sending it to a friend). Thats gotta be the prob, after im done priming 2850 that will be fixed in next pic. I didnt know I had to say im doing the test correctly, lol, but Yes. Core 0 on left core 1 on right.. and to be certain windows said 100%. IHS not off, of course no reason with a load of 33c. Water- Check sig.
  7. Hardware in sig. So far... 14 hours dual prime95 stable. AS5 still not burnt in, so temps should be at 33c (Was flucuating between 33-35, and when I hit print screen 33) Stepping: CCB1E 0608 mpmw http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g312/Nig...ti/prime951.jpg Edit: Picture came out really small, I tried re-sizing it 4 times in paint with no luck. Someone is gonna have to tell me how photobucket will not resize the image. Sorry..
  8. No bios flashing will work, If you cant use the keyboard you cant send any commands. The ebst thing to do is unplug all power: First from the wall, then the three on the mobo and pull the battery (mobo battery), Wait 15 min.. plug it all back in. Boot, if no then RMA is the only thing.
  9. Sounds like newegg got some bad boards. I'm gonna RMA mine tonight.
  10. Same exact problem, did you buy your mobo from newegg recently?
  11. I have the same exact problem, I even tried a USB keyboard. Fresh boot and the keyboard wont work at all.
  12. Price on the 7800GT? Sweet card.. thoughs are crazy fast.
  13. May have had a problem when removing the IHS, did you have the same problem before?
  14. Then I have a huge black Rad hanging off the back, and then I get to hear the fans. I would not buy such a giant case if I wanted to mount it outside.. if that really needed to be said.
  15. 273.4 x 133 x 40 mm (10.75 x 5.25 x 1.77 inch) Thanks a lot!
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