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  1. Hey guys I have a really weird problem. I bought an internal 3.5'' Vantec memory card reader than runs off the motherboard firewire port. What happens when I have the FIREWIRE header plugged onto the motherboard, the pc wont turn on. When i depress the power button lights come on but go off straight away. As soon as I unplug the card reader off the FIREWIRE header the pc boots up without any problems. In the bios FIREWIRE is enabled under Genie BIOS aswell. I dont think its a power supply issue cos I have a big power supply thats not even running at 50% load( according to various calculators). The device could be faulty but I dont have another motherboard to test it with. I also dont have another FIREWIRE header using device to test the FIREWIRE header on my motherboard. Any idea's? Anything will be appreciated. I am thinking of borrowing a device using a FIREWIRE header to test and make sure the FIREWIRE header is working aswell. But I first need to find one from a friend.
  2. The memory dividers do work fine. DFI boards have more dividers than other boards. When I tried more of the generally supported dividers it was read fine. CPUz and Memtest, etc just need to include support for the other memory dividers.
  3. That makes a bit more sense now. But Im still not getting either of my values. I will play around with the numbers when I get a chance.
  4. Try the latest CPUz... i think its v1.32, I read in the release notes that more memory divider support has been added. When I had HTT=200 and Mem divider = 5/4 (250Mhz) and multiplier=12 On boot I get DDR500 With Memtest it says DDR266 A64Tweaker says 133 aswell older CPUz, it said 133 divider so also DDR266.... Now that Ive got the new CPUz, it says 240 divider which is DDR480 So I think its a software issue and they just need to update the software. The only way I can work out the 240 is by taking my HTT, dividing it by the 5 part of the divider and adding it onto my HTT. Makes no sense I know... but i cant figure out any other way of calculating it. So in the end I think that the board is posting the correct dividers, but software is interpreting the dividers wrong. Cos Im still getting crazy performance on my board with this divider....
  5. Just to answer ur other question. Im sure the Thermalright-XP120 will fit. I got a Zalman Cu-7700 to fit perfectly with no problems. Based on how wide and low the Zalman is, im assuming the Thermalright will fit fine depending on your case. If you running HTT and mem at 280Mhz then im sure 2T will be stronger than 200 at 1T. I have tested 4dimms at 1T on a friends board. We only managed to get 201 at really tight timings. Im sure if you had BH-5 chips at 3.5V+ then you could pass 204MHz HTT at really tight timings. Also chipset voltages must be increased to get anywhere. I find the board has serious voltage drops. But upping the chipset voltages, etc makes this board stable as anything. Havent cleared the cmos once. Board has frozen at windows start but never had to clear the cmos to post the board. Always managed to get into the BIOS and change settings. These boards are power hungry and because your PSU isnt ATX2, could be the reason behind the power supply issues.
  6. UCCC are Samsung memory chips that get decent low latencies with very little voltage increase. Check http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/content/view/125/342/ As far as I know Samsung TCCD chips are better, but I think they have been discontinued. But I could be wrong on this. If you have a DFI board I would say just get yourself BH5/CH5 memory. I heard that someone has started making the chips again. Check http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/content/view/209/0/ The websites are links to a memory maker called Team Xtreem. I dont know how good they are, but just wanted to give you an idea of what memory chips are used and they have benchmarks on the various memory.
  7. As far as I know with 4 dimms you cant get further than DDR408, but thats at 1T. If you switch to 2T then Im sure you can get to DDR500.
  8. I had problems with the discs when I couldnt get it to install. Just changing the disc solved my issue. I also think try a disc without any service packs and see if it works.
  9. If you really want to run your card faster, then try the new ATI Catalyst 6.2 drivers. If I remember right there was a fix for Battlefield2 included. But I could possibly be wrong. Just an idea if you do want to try higher clocks.
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