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  1. yep everything works great now that i changed drivers for the xfi card. Thanks
  2. ill try the fix as well, By the way, CPUZ works now also
  3. I just installed the newest beta driver for xfi and the game worked. Thanks for all your help guys!
  4. i just tried each stick of ram seperate and same problem.
  5. I tried 2 drivers for the video card and same thing. 3dmark runs fine. I have alot of current and old games and these to are the first ive had a problem with. If it was a game update issue for battle for middle earth 1 then surely they would have fixed that problem with battle for middle earth 2. The only othe odd thing i have experienced is that cpuz crashes my computer every time i load it. Could it be a bad stick of ram?
  6. just loaded optimized defaults on my bios and i have the same problem. Any other ideas?
  7. Still wont work, updated battle for middle earth 2 to 1.03 and still the same thing. what the hell could be the problem?
  8. i cant path the game without loading it
  9. Yes only part 1 and 2 of battle for middle earth
  10. this happend for both 1 and 2 and cant even get past the load screen.
  11. I cant run battle for middle earth 1 or 2. The main screen comes up and i have to alt ctr del to find that its not responding. Never had a game do this. Any ideas? Could it be a bad overclock?
  12. Both of my bfg 7800gt cards work, I had them both in seperate. I moved all 6 jumpers to the bottom. Board is modded and posts as sli. Installed the bridge and when i powered up the computer i got all the way to the windows screen and then the screen was black from there. I could still hear windows so the computer seemed to boot windows but with black screen. The bios version on my original card is and on my "new" card it is Does the bios version matter? If so how do i change it? The other thing is when i booted the computer with the "new" card, the computer went to default graphic setting and i had to install the driver. If its a driver issue do you have to have both cards running the same driver, installing them one at a time ? I must be missing something. Is it a bios thing on the motherboard? the only thing in the bios i changed was sli brodcast apature from disable to auto. Both had the same result. Please help. Thank you Shane
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