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  1. So even with nothin but the motherboard, CPU, hdd and dvd connected to the psu 350W is not enough? In that case, I'm thinking about a few diffrent choises of PSU: Seasonic M12 500W or 600W Be quiet! darkpower 530W These seems to be the best choises of PSU in this wattage and price range Hiper and Tagan havn't got as good reviews as these ones. But I'm open for suggestions. but thanks sofar anyways guys.
  2. But I removed the GFX and changed PSU to a 350W Chieftech, It had no effect the minimum psu is 300W for DFI boards and recommended is 450W
  3. System updated: RDX-200 (nov -05) 4400+ (sept -05) (9x250mhz 1.35V) Twinx pc4000 2gb (okt -05) X1900XT 256mb (3 days old, just changed from a X800GT) T7K250 160GB (may -05) + 7200.7 200gb (april -04) SP 2.0 450W (sept -05) Yesterday I was just starting to Decompress a big file when windows froze (no bluescreen, just repeating music, no video movment and no mouse movment). I restarted my computer and 3 of the four diagnostic lights where lit after a few secs, and it stayed that way (no boot screen showed up). After a breif look in the manaul I concluded that the system could not detect the CPU. My first thought was to clear Cmos which I did with no effect. Now I'm not sure at all, I tried to boot up with an old PSU (cheiftech 350W) and a Mach64 GFX this had no effect either. Does anyone have any suggestions? Help!
  4. RDX-200 CF-DR + Twinx-4000pt is what I have. I was wondering if anyone know any tips for ex. overclocking these memorys (like good voltage or timings?) thx.
  5. Nope, not what I want to do. What I want is to change the Full screen LOGO show to another picture, like one of a pretty girl or a nice car. see , is it possible?
  6. Is it possible to change the startup screen? Right now I have the original screen but I would like to change it, like I could on my old Asus motherboard... also another question?, is it worth to buy a cheap 40 or 80 Gig S-ata hdd, to have it as a OS-hdd
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