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  1. I have the same problem with my 1GB Sandisk Cruzer Mini USB drive. I get an error after plugging it in saying it is unrecognized. It only works in 1.1. Luckily one of my front USB ports is set to 1.1 so thats what I have to deal with. I've found that other people have the same problem with various devices. Apparently it is a compatibility problem between the device and the USB controller. =( At least my 160GB external hd works in 2.0 but I have it hooked up in Firewire. All my other devices work fine as well. I updated the nForce4 chipset drivers via the nVidia site and that worked for a day and then back to the same problem. Try that first. There is also a USB driver in the DFI Driver CD if you go into My Computer and explore your CDROM drive. Didn't work for me =T. Maybe worth a try for you. Good luck.
  2. I have the "Enhanced" USB driver. Uninstalling all the usb drivers didn't work. Everything reinstalled upon restart and nothing worked still. Sometimes the ports that do work with USB 1.1 dies too...and then comes back. When I tried to update the drivers on device manager it says it will connect to Windows Update but instead looks locally. Wierd. Is that supposed to happen? I tried the drive in yet another computer and actually the same thing happened; the popup error says the device cannot be recognized. Perhaps it is a problem with the drive after all...I'll be able to bring the computer home tomorrow, (finally) so then I'll try out my printer and digicam and hope for the best. Any more suggestions? Thanks for all the help so far.
  3. I am running Windows XP Pro slipstreamed with SP2. I've never put my system in standby before either. I'll try the fix with uninstalling the drivers in device manager. Unfortunately, my computer is currently at school (it was built for a Computer Tech class =]) so I can't try it out until tomorrow...sigh.
  4. Everything with my build has gone relatively without flaw until my back USB ports stopped working. At first my Sandisk Cruzer Mini 1GB USB drive worked without a hitch and could mount and transfer without problem. Then I unmounted it to bring it to another computer, and when I brought it back to this system the system tray had a popup saying this USB device is not recognized and that it malfunctioned. I know its not with the USB drive because it works fine on the other computer. I try different ports and the same error pops up. I then install the newest nForce chipset drivers and everything was fine again...until I tried it again today and same error pops up. I try to reinstall the driver and still to no avail. However, certain lower ports at the back do work, but they offer only USB 1.1. Does anyone have the same problem/fix? I appreciate any help you guys can offer.
  5. Man...my new build so far has gone as low as 21C idle so my temp sensors might whack as well. During idle however, the CPU fan at many times does not spin, so maybe it is pretty cool. I'm using the stock heatpipe fan. I wonder how I am going to OC now and check temps. Does anybody of suggestions on how to OC even with these faulty temp readings? Perhaps using external thermometers?
  6. Be careful with pulling out ur battery and then reinserting it...that can potentially fry your CPU if I am not mistaken.
  7. Ahh thanks. I heard it was best to install the card on the topmost slot. What difference would there be if any? Also, I would have to sacrifice my front usb ports since it looks like the headers would be covered. Oh yea I almost forgot, but the board clears the IDE's right?
  8. Hey technodanvan, how far would your 7900 go if it was on the first slot? Meaning like for example, would it be feasible to still plug regular SATA's in? Thanks everyone for their input.
  9. Hmm thanks a lot BurleyBoy. Does anyone else have experience with this?
  10. I'm gonna get a 7900GTX for my new build on the Expert mobo and what wondering how the fitting would be. Looking at pics of the mobo and the card seem like the chipset fan will probably be covered, but then I'm not sure about the SATA connectors or the IDE's. Anyone has experience with that? Or maybe even pics? =D Thanks.
  11. Thanks guys for everything. Keep em comin! Smokin Joe - I though about the stacker but they're just too big and expensive for my taste right now. For the sound card, I guess the x-fi isnt worth it for now but the onboard isnt that great either. I hope angry comes back with the results of the dongle swap soon.
  12. Oh man thanks so much technodanvan. Now I just have to look for my vid card on sale somewhere with a manageable price. Shoulda bought it the day it came out on Monarch. Saw it for MSRP 500.
  13. Thanks geekster. I was also considering the P160W at first with its aluminum chassis, clear window, and no door. I'm probably gonna decide after I build if the X-Fi is worth it for me, especially since I only use two speakers right now. What I really want is something that can output digitally to my reciever using optical or digital coaxial connections. I'm still wondering about that HSF and case fans. Anyone know some good Floppy+Multicard Reader combos? More opinions please!
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