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  1. i get that weird all discolored boot dfi logo screen also, i couldn't find any way to fix it. its just one of the problems with dfi boards. if you're having problems now prepare for more problems down the road..
  2. its not a bad idea... dfi is a second tier mb company compared to asus which is known for reliability and ease of setup. dfi doesn't offer the rd580 in their mb's and it is said that te asus a8r32 overclocks very well too
  3. i got the same problem, no one in this forum could help me so i decided to refund my lanpart and get the asua a8r32 mvp to run my x1900xt
  4. fsp fx600-gln would last you very long or probably the fsp blue storm 500watt
  5. hyper is a 2nd rate psu company, i suggest you dont use it with your system and return for a more reliable brand. it probably came with a 20 pin connector cuz it tried to save money and add more bling to it
  6. any info on this psu, is it known to run well with dfi boards? FSP Group (Fortron Source) FX600-GLN ATX12V/ EPS12V 600W All-In-One Power Supply 115/230 V CSA,IEC,UL,CE,TUV http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104014 note: quad [email protected] each.. is that alright?
  7. does doing this load optimized ... thing in the bios overclock your system automatically? what exactly does it do?
  8. use smartguardian to have the fan spin up higher at a lower temperature in options
  9. hmm mine normally idles at 40-44C with fan rpm around 2000
  10. bump.. angry,rgone or another admin, should i stop my memtest of 22.5 hours so far with 5 errors settings: RAM 200mhz / CAS:2.5-3-2-5/ dual channel cache on ecc off test std pass 33 errors 5 ecc errx 0 test 4 pass 12 failing address 0000f086a80 good 79f5c714 bad 7975x714 err-bits 00800000 count 5 chan - any idea what this mean?? i dont really know that much about how to read this stuff
  11. so angry, u think i should just quit my memtest86 running now and do the fix in your link?
  12. update: been running memtest for the past 20 hours or so and i'm waiting to get a reply here to just tell me to stop and apply the amd dual core hotfix. or something else that would help with my situation? would corsair ram xms ram be better on my motherboard?
  13. so do you guys think its me not applying the hotfix thats the problem? or is the ocz ram not compatible with the mb problem? or both?
  14. thanks i'll give it a try.. but as of now running memtest86+ v1.55 for about 12 hours have i have : Tst: 4 pass:12 failing address: 0000f086a80 - 240.3mb good: 79f5c714 bad: 7975c714 err-bits: 00800000 count: 2 chan: _ (blank on screen) settings: ram: 200mhz cas: 2.5-3-2-5/ dual channel 128bits ECC disabled i dont know if this helps, but do you think i should just do this dual core hotfixed linked above? thanks in advance
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