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    Thats why she is up there!!!
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    Thanks! And, no, its not me!!!!
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    Its free. You can buy special items and stuff if you want but its not necessery.
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    Any of you guys play it? I'm hooked. Swing over to navyfield.com and check it out. If you register, put me down as the person who told you about it! My ID is jhempsrt4. When you register, pick new york as your server.
  5. I used to own a specv, they handle great! I mean freaking fantastic. I put cars through their paces on the backroads around here, and that car was alot of fun in the twisties. It was a little dissapionting in a straight line though. And for winter driving tires make all the difference. A set of real snow tires for the winter months turns any car into a capable winter machine.
  6. Miata's are fast around corners, but super slow in a straight line. And a porshe is likely to eat alot of money in parts. Are you wanting something fast or just sporty?
  7. I don't have time to ride, thats why I posted the mileage. I owned it for more than 2 years and only put 2k miles on it. :sad: Trust me, I love bikes, I just have other priorities right now.
  8. I JUST sold mine. I bought it new in '05 and sold it Saturday with 2052 miles on the clock.
  9. No good ones. As soon as I get my camera back I will try to get some.
  10. Thanks guys, The car has: t3/t04e with a 50 trim wheel 3 inch exhaust with an e-cutout cold air intake large intercooler rc 750cc injectors turbo xs dtec fuel computer aeromotive 700hp fuel pump cut balance shaft chain top end oil modifier I dynoed at 30 psi on that run. I was gunning for 500, but didn't quiet make it.
  11. I just dynoed my car yesturday. 471hp and 513 trq. at the wheels.
  12. I quit messing with mine, I can't get it stable over 2.8. :confused:
  13. Interesting. I'm very surprised to hear that.
  14. I totaly wrecked my overclock and didn't have the settings wrote down so I had to clear the cmos. I will post up my timings once I get it back.
  15. Have you messed with the ram voltage jumper at all?
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