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  1. Here is a link to an informative review of heat sinks: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=406 Out of the choices you have said my money would be on the SI-120 cooler and a decent 120mm fan capable of around 50-60cfm or more of air flow Hope that helps buddy.
  2. Yeah the GF4 400MX was also my first graphics card and they did stink. Not bad for the time but they really were grossly underpowered. Ive actually taken the passive heatsink off it, Just trying to find a use for it now I soon replaced that card with one of the first 9700Pro's to hit the market. Now that was a good card for its time, Still is if you dont play many games!
  3. I get a feeling it is not your resolution you are having problems with but your refresh rate. Typically LCD monitors will not output more than 75hz. If you have another monitor, connect it and go into your graphics control panel and enure it is less than or equal to the LCD panels spec Hope that helps
  4. Actually the GF4 MX series were based on the GF3 architecture But anyway
  5. Thats more like the temps to expect Even my badly cooled, overclocked P4 never breaks the 70*c barrier Edit: Good pointer is never remove the HSF straight after powering down. CPU's need time to cool down
  6. Thats the idea. Basically the purpose of thermal paste is to provide a thermal contact between the heatsink and the IHS (Integrated heat spreader-the metal plate on top of the processor die) The paste its self has a lower thermal efficiency than the alu or copper heatsink you are bolting on the cpu so a small smearing is better than caking it. You are just trying to fill the gaps caused by engineering variables which may lead to a slightly non flat base on the heatsink and the chip Basically if you can see the writing in the chip you have added too little. Cover the IHS as thinly as possible. Once you have fitted the cooler I tend to remove the cooler again to see if the paste has spread evenly. If it was sucessful i repeat the process and then monitor the temps. Hope that helps. thats my routine when i install a HSF
  7. They behave identically in games to other A64 chips they just have more headroom for oc'ing so hence more FPS
  8. From what i have seen Opterons are just standard A64 San Diego chips which have had more rigorous QC testing in the factory (but i might be wrong )
  9. damn i would have guessed it was BF2 (Although steam also throws wobblies) Yeah i had the same problems and it was down to too tighter timings on my memory modules.
  10. 7 hours of Prime95 is usually sufficient to test system stability imo. (badly configured systems rarely survive 10 minutes of P95 ) Have you run memtest on your system to ensure that the memory is not at fault? What game out of interest are you trying to play?
  11. Your best bet for graphics stressing programs would be the likes of the 3DMark series of benchmarks. They are available from: http://www.futuremark.com/ Use versions 03 and 05 Hope you have luck with your PC, i was looking at a similar setup for myself
  12. I am currently using an Iiyama ProLite E481S http://www.iiyama.com/default.asp?SID=&LNG...V=236&PROD=5979 Which use Samsung panels. Very recommended. No ghosting, very high contrast ratio, DVI-D and no bleeding.
  13. Sounds like quite a connoisseur's board, il leave it to you lot lol. But as you say 1000 production run means they are gonna be more scarce than Opterons
  14. Sorry to sound like a Noob but what is new to the Venus boards over say the SLi-DR for instance?
  15. MjrTom

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    OK IF i was to look at NF4 boards which is the best one to currently go for? The one i was looking at was the NF4 SLi-D Board..... /me wishes he had not invested so much in an AGP card a year ago.....
  16. MjrTom

    New to DFI

    I think i might take the plunge and remove the heatspreader (voiding waranty i know...) to make sure. From what i have managed to piece together from the other threads the 754 Pin board looks like a stomper Ive read the article about the NF3 939 boards and would like to use one of these with the 1 series Opteron chips if that is not going to pose any issues. I would like to keep hold of my Gfx card if possible as it was a big investment last year and overclocks well. How much would be a reasonable price, should i take the plunge and sell it? Im a pauper who is short of cash for a much needed upgrade..... Any confirmed 1gb modules that are supported on this NF3 Ultra D board? Thanks again
  17. MjrTom

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    The current Kinston Hyper-X Modules are the KHX3200K2/1G Which are BH-5 IC's i Believe.
  18. MjrTom

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    Am i right to assume that the Kingston Hyper-X are not happy living on the DFI NF3 Ultra-D Board? Do G Skill and Mushkin 1024mb Modules have any known incompatabilities? Thanks
  19. MjrTom

    New to DFI

    Thanks for your help much apreciated
  20. Hello DFI Community. This is my first post on this forum, and i must say that its one of the best forums ive come across and has been the main reason for looking at DFI products. I am currently looking at upgrading my PC and would be very greatful if people could give me some feedback and help with my purchases. I would like to apologise in advance if my comments have already been covered in other therads but could not find a definitve answer. This is what i had in mind: DFI Lanparty UT NF3 Ultra-D, Skt939 Opteron 148 2.2Ghz Socket939 Also 2x 1gb memory modules. Which modules are best so that i can achieve a high FSB to utilise the OC limits of the opteron chips. I have heard that some modules are not compatible with the NF3 chipset. Also which bios revision would i need for the Opteron chips as i believe the shipped bios is not compatable. Thanks in advance for your help
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