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  1. I have Kingston Hyper-X in my rig with no problems, infact im over the moon with them tbh.
  2. Yeah ive been looking around and cant find any 15mm thick fans >40mm in the UK
  3. Can you not just bridge the connection?
  4. They just look awful and dont really cool that well I need a 15mm thick fan to fit under the SI-120 cooler. Thinking of going the water cooling route soon so that will free up enough spce in the memory/CPU area to fit a decent 80mmx25mm fan on the BH-5. As for overclocking, ive not pushed any higher since insufficient cooling but now tightened the timings. They now run at 1.5-2-2-5 @ DDR450 with 3.2v
  5. Thanks all You have given me some good ideas I have not got any Stock AMD coolers but what I do have is about 5 years worth of Intel ones lol Here are a few examples: Larger From Right to left: Northwood, first gen prescott, second gen prescott. rated at 0.16A, 0.21A and 0.44A respectively. The brakets approx the same spacing as the DIMM slots Going to try them for size and let you know EDIT: Hmm too large
  6. Yeah I understand wat you mean Im having trouble finding fans that can fit under the Thermalright SI-120 CPU cooler due to its close proximity to the RAM. Think if I can find some 10-15mm thick fans no bigger than 60-70mm in diameter is the max space available Larger A Standard 80mm wont fit
  7. Hello All Im looking for some active cooling for my BH-5 DRAM Modules currently running at 3.2v I intend on putting at least another 0.3v through them but cant until I improve cooling. Does anyone know of any products on the market for this or am I just better off building something myself? Any ideas are greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. Thanks for the support Yeah I so glad that I have been one of the minority to get decent results from this maufacturer, I took a big gamble with thses modules since a few people said to me about the incompatabilities of these on DFI. Im still very much a greenhorn when it comes to DFI, Its the biggest learning experience in my computing life and has been a rollercoaster along the way lol. Some pics of my build can be found here: http://www.overclock.net/amd-build-logs/11...nture-into.html DDR500 here we come EDIT: I dont suppose anyone knows where I can get hold of purpose built RAM cooling solutions or am I just better getting hold of a couple of say, 60mm fans, glueing them sided by side then some how mount them over the DRAM slots? Any ideas welcome
  9. Right a bit of a late update but thought I better share my experience. The BH-5 (Kingston Yes Kingston!) is rock solid stable I updated the BIOS to 6-23, reset the CMOS and installed one module in the orange slot and booted up into the BIOS Set the timings to the BH-5 settings supplied by you guys and set the voltage to 3.0v. Powered down then installed both modules in yellow slots then booted up normally. Now I have the memory stable at DDR450 2-2-2-5 @ 3.2v with active memory cooling. Currently have the system running at 1:1 giving me an overclock of 2.475GHz for the moment. They are also stable at DDR480 (still 3.2v) but get a bit toasty. Need another fan before pushing it long term. I will be making a try at DDR500 on these modules which will give me 2.7GHz which I will be happy with
  10. You need to wire both the motherboard power connections. Thes do not power your floppy/Hard drives, these need additional power connections from your PSU The first part powers the motherboard only. then you need additional power conncetions for your other components.
  11. Yeah I knew that getting these Kingston modules to work would be difficult, Its just my first baptism of DFI
  12. I really did not envisage this amount of trouble when I had this rig in mind
  13. Yeah I know At the moment when I install the module it will not let me switch the VDRAM voltage. If for instance I change it from 2.6v (SPD) to 2.8v then hit enter and move to the next BIOS field it reverts back to 2.6v (??) Could all this stem from using the 2005/01/25 BIOS? (Only picked the board up second hand last week)
  14. Yeah I will also check that out. Took quite some time to prise the heat spreader without damaging the the PCB or the heatspreader itself
  15. Hmm good point. I only checked one of the modules. They are a matched pair though with identical part numbers and revision.
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