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  1. Can someone pls move this to the Networking Forum - Thanks Have just ordered the evaluation DVD for Windows Home Server and plan to use an older desktop to try out the O/S as I really need to bring some order to my home network. I will wait until they sort out the corruption bug (June?) before thniking about buying the software. However the problem is this - with all my current wired desktop PCs and the VOIP phone I have no free ethernet ports left on the back of the Netgear WGT624 router. So can I simply buy (say) a five port switch, connect it to the back to router once I dicsonnect one of the PCs and then run that PC and the "server" and anything else that needs a network connection from the available ports on the switch which is connected to the freed up port on the back of the router. Do the switches come with a connection cable to the router or do you need to buy that separately? Will the router manage all the connections re IP addresses etc.? Regards
  2. I am just about to order the components for my first home build and have almost settled on the Intel D915GAVL P4 motherboard. It has 4 SATA interfaces. I am keen to go SATA rather than the conventional IDE HDD. However the various forums I subscribe too have numerous posts about m/boards not recognising the SATA drives. I am going down the Intel road for more certainty in a successful outcome. Will this board detect the SATA drives or will I be forced to load the drivers at installation under the F6 command? If so are the drives on the M/board CD or will they come with the Seagate SATA drive? Regards
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