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  1. 1 x 36G Seagate 10.7K SCSI 2 x 73G Seagate 10.7K SCSI OT: Dont you guys with 4 drives or more in the same system have any problem with your PSU power?
  2. Tried it with the speakers and it seems both back and front connectors are working. You'll need to just turn off your speakers connected at the back if you want to listen using from connectors for headphones. So, from what i tried, i looks like no disabling is being done. Either that or i may have just missed some combinations on the connectors. Anyway, works as i wanted it to..so no more complaints.
  3. If i may add a question to this, this is what it says on the manual. Since "Using this connector will disable the rear audio’s line-out and mic-in functions", this means we have to put back the jumpers again if we want to use the rear line-out/mic-in. As i sometimes just would like to plug in a headphone on the front audio out, and most of the time use the read line-out for my main speakers, isn't there a way to activate both front and rear? Kinda, plug & play - without opening the case and moving jumpers and all?
  4. how long should i run Memtest86 on each stick, on these initial boots?
  5. I'm looking at the DFI Venus and the Expert , and they only have 3 power connectors. The connector near the chipset fan is missing from these boards(unlike in the Ultra-D.) So the 3 connectors should be fine for the Venus/Expert? Or am i missing something? Sorry..first build and all..
  6. I just got my Expert yesterday and its revision is RA03. I'll be using OCZ 520W SLI on this one...just waiting for all the other components to arrive. I sure hope the cold boot issue has been fixed with this revision.
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