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  1. Okay... so my old P4 3.0c box with a BFG 6800 GT OC is still chug'n along.... but my 3.2 Prescott was needing a better PCIE card. I was shopping and really couldn't afford anything up until last weekend. BestBuy had a recent price cut on the PNY 7900 GS from $249 to $199. To make things better, on that weekend, they had an instant rebate of $50 making the card $149. Can I get an amen? The card also features composite, component, and Svideo out signals. Right now I've got it hooked up to my IN72 Infocus projector via the component output. So if you're looking for a decent videocard that is PCIE and delivers a good deal of power on the cheap, check out this card. ( Please note: I'm not sure if ATI makes something that beats this in this same price range, therefore that's why I'm recommending this! ) Anybody else got this card? Is it a good overclocker? Had any problems? So far I'm loving this card in my Prescott box... however I'll be getting an 8800 for my 6400 Core 2 box.
  2. After doing another 8+hrs of research when I got home... OCZ, Corsair, and Mushkin seem to be the top dogs. Mushkin, you'll pay a premium for, so I'm going to just pick between OCZ and Corsair. I currently have Corsair Plat. in one of my boxes and it's flawless.... but, so I can try something else, I'll go with the Corsair XMS series. I'm not a fanboy when it comes to namebrands, so I'll get whatever performs best. Thanks for your input guys!
  3. Well, back in the day, it was easy to pick an elite memory chip for your pc. Why? Because there were only 3 or 4 high-end memory makers. Now, it's like who do I pick!?!? I just ordered some parts for my new system and here's what I got so far: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 CPU Fan: Zalman 9500 Copper Motherboard: GigaByte GA-965P-DS3 Video: PNY 7900 GS PSU: Cooler Master PSU CM|RP-550-PCAR 550W RT ATX Case: CHENMING CMU-AL-602-BK-W Black Aluminum So, I was like... "Oh, I still need to check to see what RAM I'll be using" I opened up the memory section on NewEgg and I felt like a hooker folding over a pimps fist on payday! WOW!!!! What to pick? Never heard of Patriot, Buffalo, PQI, G.Skill, and Rosewill. Geil was the new kid on the block right when I was leaving the market back in 2003 and was trying to prove themselves worthy.... With a CPU that has a 1066 FSB should I go with PC-8500 or PC-6400? What manufacturer should I go with? So I'm turning to the pro's for advice.... help me out so I can play Warcraft and BF2 by Friday
  4. I won the Aquarius II at the OCC LAN..... and well.... Uh, I really dont need it. Anyone intrested in buying it for $100 shipped? http://www.thermaltake.com/products/Aquari.../aquariusII.htm
  5. I got one? I got it this weekend but I'm not big into water cooling. http://www.thermaltake.com/products/Aquari.../aquariusII.htm email me if you're interestd.
  6. I have a 4 1/2 month old BFG GF4-Ti4600. http://www.bfgtech.com/4600_redux.html This video card sports VIVO.. JUST FYI! I've still got the reciept and the original packing if anybody is interested in purchasing. Lifetime Warranty THRU BFG. Only one problem.... a minor one at that. The GPU fan is loud on boot but then it's quiet by the time you have to login. I was going to replace the GPU cooler but... with a lifetime warranty... I'll leave the stock on. $145 is what I'm asking.
  7. I've got 2 old 80 pin SCSI Hard Drives for sale. $10 per drive email me if you have questions or would like pictures.
  8. I'm with RED on this one... i845 is Intel Chipset Via 4in1 Drivers are for... you guessed it "Via Mobo's" If you've installed Via 4in1 drivers on a intel mobo... you'll need to do the following: Uninstall Via 4in1 drivers. Look for via 4in1 entry's in the registry. "DELETE THEM" What's probably happend is that your pointing your AGP instructions to something that's not there.
  9. Actually the first one was a PNY and it went bad.... only Ti4600 they had to replace it with was a BFG. Oh well... back to the drawing board.
  10. Dude... that's sweet. Can I make a suggestion? Ennermax 350+ or a Antec 350+..... I had some cheapo PSU back in 2001 and swapped it with my Enermax... it rules!
  11. This will be my Second BFG video card... and I've got a question to any BFG owner. I've owned my 2 Geforce 4 TI4600 video cards for for less than 3 months and both are humming loudly. It took about a month and a half to start on both. The fan is extremely loud on boot and then it goes away. My question is... have any other BFG owners seen this? There's no dust on the fan or nothing...
  12. So, what are you guys OC'ing these days? I keep hearing about people OC'ing like 600mhz without water cooling.... WOW! Got stories? Post them! I guess my craziest OC'd CPU was my old AMD 850 that was turned to a 975.... It was slot A and I drilled the plastic around the CPU creating a "Swiss Cheese" effect. I mounted 2 rear and 2 front fans. If I went above 975... That was the first Athlon that I had overclocked.... I guess that's why it stands out from the rest.
  13. I can argue this point in 2 areas... AMD's 3200 cant out perform a P4 2.8C AMD is cheaper? Not when you compare a 2.8C vs 3200... Overclocking is awesome... but if "out of the box" a CPU out performs another CPU without modifying it and it's less expensive... well.... why are we even arging about this? I've touched them both... and I'll say this... Intel has a well prep'd CPU and AMD better pull together some 3rd Qtr heroics to once again, knock Intel off the hill. AMD has reigned for what... 4 years now? That's a pretty good run! Just like the "Intel Boys" had to accept back in 1999 the "AMD Gang" will have to accept now. Let's pray AMD puts on their game faces and jumps back into the swith of things... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, and if any of you have test results that prove differently... let me know... I'm curious to see what benchmarks you guys are getting in your comparisons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Arguing about AMD and Intel is like running in the Special Olympics.... even if you win... you're still retarded."
  14. Let's see... I've had the following: Intel i386 12mhz Intel i486 33SX Intel i486 DX2 AMD DX100 Intel Pentium 100 Intel Pentium 133 Intel Pentium 166 Intel Pentium 200 Intel Pentium 2 - 266 AMD 3DNOW - 233 Intel Pentium 2 - 400 Intel Pentium 2 - 450 ....... Then I bought a Intel Pentium 3 - 733. I bought it with the i8?? motheroboard that had the USB root hub issue. I took it back and saw that the AMD ATHLON Processor was out. I was like... how much is that 850... the salesman told me he could sell me a Athlon 850 and a ASUS K7V for less than the 733 and the alone! I was like "SOLD" From there I became a AMD NUT! AMD Thunderbird 1.2 AMD Thunderbird 1.333 AMD XP 2200+ ........In my first post here about 15 minutes ago... I was asking if anyone had gotten their hands on a i875P mobo.... because I see that AMD is falling behind in a market that they have become to comfortable in. I'm going to try the P4 2.6 800FSB..... from all the benchmarks I've seen and from what I'm seeing on my friends machines... it's smoking! The whole "I'm going to be loyal" phrase is getting old. You're going to pay a little more for the newer P4's but look at the performance... Take a look at this graph: http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/20030623/p...p4_3200-08.html An AMD 3200 at $442.00 vs a P4 2.8 at $260 loses in so many ways! And let's look at the price! The prices for these CPU's were gathered from www.newegg.com The reason I point this out is because of my two buds..... They have these same 2 processers! They made a machine to bench the 2 out of... sure enough their test was pretty much the same as Toms..... Intel over AMD.... It was easy back when the P4 1.5 to the 2gig processers were not so hot and the price was "RETARDED" but now.... now look at what you're dealing with. I'm looking forward to the P5 and AMD-64..... that's going to be one hell of a ride. Hopefully AMD will make a stab back and jump ahead.... Let's face it.... theres nothing better than paying less for a faster processor
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