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  1. Thanks for the reply- Do you have any insight as to why the reason my 165 poos on me at 2.4GHz? (see thread link in my first post...)
  2. One of my Opty 165 cores craps out in Prime95 in like 2 seconds at 2.4GHz. (this thread) Windows, however, is perfectly stable. What is the danger of ignoring the fact that Prime95 isn't stable and just running as if it were?
  3. I just reseated the heatsink w/ new thermalpaste and I'm seeing maybe a 2C temperature drop... although I think my temperature sensors are reading high. My stepping is CCBWE 0551UPMW. Anyone know anything about that stepping?
  4. ey guys- here is the deal- As the thread title states, my Opty 165 doesn't seem to want to OC... I have my- -LDT multi at 2x -RAM ratio at 100MHz (1/02) -CPU multi at 9 -Voltage at stock I started as I usually do upping the HTT in 10MHz increments, until I got to 250HTT (which I got to fine...Prime95 stable) in which case I used 5MHz thereafter. I can get to 255 x 9 Prime95 stable with stock voltage, but 260 x 9 = 2340, one core fails almost immediately. No problem right- I'll just up the voltage...wrong. Upped the voltage the 1.45 and same stuff... failing at 2340. Any insight as to what is going on is much appreciated. Specs: Opteron 165 EPoX 9NPA+Ultra 2GB GSkill Extreme Series HZ (3-4-4-8-T1) 500W Antec Smartpower
  5. Blah, I can't find my memory FSB tweak settings on this board...
  6. Why are these memory timings different? One says 250FSB like it's supposed to be and the other one says 226... ? http://img447.imageshack.us/img447/5579/untitled5kl.jpg Also, my temps are 40C idle and 49C load with a stock Opty 165 heatsink- not overclocked. I did lap the heatsink and use Arctic Silver 5*. *Note- When I lapped it, the heatsink wasn't perfectly level, but I didn't think it would make this huge of a difference... was I wrong?...or am I right and my mobo sensors are just way off? Specs- EPoX+ Ultra s939 mobo Opteron 165 (@ 1.8GHz) 2GB Gskill PC4000 HZ 80GB SATA ATi 9250 PCI (will upgrade...) 4 80MM case fans (one blowhole, one exhaust, two front intakes) Note: Heatsink is BARELY warm to the touch at "49C"...
  7. lawl... Alright, I guess I'll just manage those cables in the mean time. Anyone got any management tips?
  8. Because I just built a system complete with everything but a CPU and I want to see how loud it is...what the lights look like...etc...
  9. Can components be harmed if the computer is powered on without a CPU in the socket?...I was thinking about something along the lines of voltage being given to the CPU socket, and nothing to take it... Thanks
  10. If you have an SATA hard drive, are installing windows, and are planning on using a single SATA drive as the primary hard drive onto which you will install windows, there is a special procedure you must use that involves using a 3.5" disk to install the SATA drivers. Is this true? My friend installed a fresh copy of XP with SP1 and didn't have to do any of that jazz. Thanks
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