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  1. i've got to save some cash before splashing on a DX10 card - think I'm liking the nvidia camp so far, would be nice to see what ATI pull out of the hat before spending though. Think waiting to see whats gonna be awesome on Vista would be sensible also...these things always take time but its what gets me excited! Matt *dang just realised the forum colours have changed - need to alter my signature...man I havent been online for a long time!
  2. Even it does come out as expensive its for a reason - its a top of the range board! Should be an awesome board all told, looking at the various information available...now some kind of over-the-top lanparty conroe board would be nice... I have been considering an upgrade to the core2 platform since it came around but am yet to be over impressed by the motherboards and seeing as I have been totally bowled over by the lanparty I currently own I want another for my next rig! Matt
  3. i have got a sig - its showing in my options and all my other posts! Why not here? edit: oh now it is! Matt
  4. iv got default vcore, special vid % of 110% and CnQ enabled - stable as a rock! worked stable only on the newer 406 bios though - 623 just wouldn't play.
  5. Looks like the bar has been set - 350 HTT out of the box - http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2787&p=1 I'm sure the DFI's will do better Matt
  6. I use 4x akasa amber silent fans - 1 exhaust, 2 intake and 1 on my SI-120. The whole setup moves alot of air and is very very quiet - just working producing a modded chipset cooler from an arctic cooling freezer 4 to replace my rattley fan! should be silent! Matt
  7. New nForced based Intel board snapped at Hexus as well: http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=5939 Matt
  8. I followed those instructions. I cleaned the heatspreader with isopropyl alcohol thoroughly, and the base of the SI-120. Then just popped a rice grain sized bit in the middle of the heatspreader and made sure the heatsink was applied square-on so the arctic silver was spread evenly from the centre. After 200 hours of curing it must be working because the full load temps drop down extremely quickly when the load is released! Matt
  9. My 0546 XPMW does 2.6Ghz at stock volts, and never hits 45 degrees full load. 2.7Ghz takes 1.3 + 110% to be prime stable but I can run this setup fully stable using Cool n Quiet also meaning I don't get the idle temps and the full load temps hit around 48-49 degrees. I would go higher that 110% if I had water and would aim for 2.8-2.9 but as it is I'm happy with the performance!! Matt
  10. thanks for your help guys - think I will be alright with some of the AA and AF turned down to start with, but I think I will hang on for either the next gen of cards and definately one with HDCP support! Matt
  11. hey everyone, I have just bought a Samsung 244T 24" monitor which runs natively at 1920x1200 (1080p). I will not have chance to hook it up for another 2 weeks or so but am weighing up upgrading my video card to either SLI or a 1900XT single card either option will force me to upgrade my PSU also but wondered what would give the most playable experience at 1920x1200 2 or 4AA and 8/16AF, I haven't managed to come across any benchmarks that compare FEAR, Oblivion etc at that high a resolution on a single 7800gt and other cards! If anyone has such a high res monitor and a single card how do the games play etc? Do I really need an upgrade to achieve playable native framerates in the latest games? Matt
  12. good spot - couldnt you have done it a week ago!! Just bought an artic freezer 4 to mod it to a passive chipset cooler - if I mess that up will be investing! Matt
  13. The inquirer.net has a preview of the new NF590 based AM2 board! Looks awesome - as per usual with DFI! Matt
  14. bit like these brackets - they do voltage regs and memory - not bad for a well polished product! http://www.fragtek.com/products.html Matt
  15. I thought the latest BIOS was unstable on my SLI-D too, but it wasn't, turns out that my assumption that the previous stable settings would be the same on this new BIOS, but new timings, new memory settings and tweaking on settings meant that I basically had to treat it as if I had just built the thing from scratch...anyway, eventually I have managed to get it stable again and for cool n quiet to work - which is a major bonus for as I leave my machine on 24/7 nearly! Moral of the story...reconfigure everything again after a new BIOS do not load CMOS-Reloaded settings as they will likely play havoc with new BIOS and enjoy the tweaking!! Matt
  16. I upgrade for 2 reasons: 1. I like to have a faster system. 2. I really really like the learning experience of an uphill struggle, tweaking, tinkering and squeezing every ounce of power from the kit I bought. I must say DFI was not plug-n-play but I have had alot worse, and I managed 2.6Ghz 'out of the box' on my opty - my aim so was grinning like a cheshire cat within 2 hours of having everything in my clutches. It was communities like DFI-Street that helped me build my understanding and begin to push for that last few-Mhz (and then some). I can't say my DFI overclocking experience is over, only that it has just begun... Matt
  17. supposedly excellent PSU's for DFI, think they're on the recommended list... Best ever is the Power PC & Cooling or Powerstream OCZ's but they seem to be like gold dust in the UK! Matt
  18. not sure how important the EPS plug is...some people have rock solid with a 4 Pin connector with quality topend PSU's, others have instability all over the place without it and are being recommended by RGone and Angry to get EPS compliant PSU's to help stability under overclocking. There are also cases where 4 Pin's have been ok to begin with but gotten worse over time... Just to see if its not something else I would try dropping the ram to a low divider, 3x LDT and then try purely upping the HTT and VCore (within safe limits, a little at a time) using both the direct "Normal VCore" setting in the BIOS and also the "special VID + special VID%" setting to see if achieving the same VCore with either method is more or less stable. Matt
  19. I've got a similar problem, wither at stock or OC'd my machine won't complete 2x Prime95 for more than 4 hours BUT it is rock solid in 3DMark 01/03/05/06 on repeat for 8 hours, occtx2 on torture, superpi 32mb, video editting, transcoding using divx, xvid, fear for 4+ hours, HL2 for 6hrs+....etc etc etc Annoying as hell, was thinking PSU but I have got 29A on the 12V rails and it is fully stable in use just the damned 2x Prime95! Matt
  20. EdlSmith is right - the expert is a completely different board and does need the "new" touch from the off. You are best ignoring the settings you tried on your old Ultra and beginning to tweak from scratch to get to 275 or (probably) higher. The expert has 4 phase power regs so it might not be overvolting as much as your ultra did, i.e. if you selected 1.45V on the ultra it was probably supplying close to 1.5, the expert might only supply exactly 1.45V....so it needs more investigation. The expert also works best with the 8 Pin EPS lead connected to it, your NeoPower 480 looks like it only has the standard 4Pin AUX...I could be wrong but on the list of recommended PSU's here it strongly suggests PSU's with EPS power connector... Matt
  21. Try reseating everything and make sure all the power plugs are in the board (all four as shown here). If there is still no joy try taking everything down to a simple config - i.e. no drives, 1 stick of ram in an orange slot, graphics card, keyboard, mouse and thats it - see if you can get it to post like that. Sometimes memory can cause boot issues if its set to be dual-channel from the off. ...And if that doesnt work - try a different set of molexs for the drives or a different PCIe connector on the GFX card to check if one PSU rail isnt being overloaded or summit silly. Matt
  22. Hi Guys (and Gals), I have recently purchased an NVSilencer 5 v3 and have been happy with the results on my 7800gt but realise there are clearance issues with SLI on the non-expert/venus boards and the Silencers because of the way the fan lifts up slightly from the body of the cooler. I was wondering if Accelero's would work better, from the reviews they do look a little slimmer, see here and here. I also have plenty of case ventilation to get move the hot air the accelero would blow at the board. Any thoughts? Matt
  23. Try lowering your memory multiplier considerably to check your CPU out first and then lower your cpu multipler to check your memory's top speed. Also read the overclocking guide its awesome and following it to the letter is a very good first step. Get it here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28049 Matt
  24. Seems 406 lets me now run at 2.7Ghz 1:1 with PowerNow! enabled on my opteron, stable as a rock - prime 24hrs, video editing 12hrs+, virtualdubmod encoding 12hrs, FEAR 5hrs...so far so good! Matt
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