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  1. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some input on a replacement PSU for my system. The fan in the cheapo Xion I had gave out on me the other day. Luckily I caught it before anything serious happened. But I was wondering if someone could give me suggestions on a decent PSU to replace it. The system is the one in my sig. It is that hardware plus 2 DVD drives, 5-80MM LED fans, and a cold cathode. I do plan on upgrading my system in the foreseeable future, so I really don't want to invest much money in getting the system up and running again. So if someone could point out the cheapest power supply that can run my system, I would greatly appreciate it! :cool:
  2. I believe I have successfully modded the Ultra-D to an SLI-D, but I just want to make sure. When I boot up, it shows up as nForce SLI. I have also re-installed the latest drivers from nVidia. I just would like to make sure that the mod was successful, and where should I look to make sure? I just want to be sure I did the mod correctly, as I wish to buy a second video card while they are still available. I also have one other question. Where is the best place to buy an SLI bridge without buying a kit of 2 video cards? I haven’t been able to find any on places like NewEgg or TigerDirect. I saw some on ebay for about $15 including shipping. Also, any SLI bridge should work right? Thanks in advance!
  3. My computer ran perfectly for a little over a month. About a week ago, my computer began to randomly freeze. It would do it at most once a day. I didn't think much of it because a while ago I had accidently installed a program that screwed up some registry keys/values. I decided to just go ahead and re-install windows. After doing this, my computer now randomly freezes within 3 - 10 minutes of being in Windows. The lockups occur very randomly. I can be using any program... Anything from Norton to IE to Xfire. It even locks up when I am not using anything. I did a forum search before posting and someone had a similar problem that turned out to be power related. My problem seems to be software/diver related though. I left my computer sit at the BIOS screen for several hours and it never locked up. Also, my computer has not randomly restarted as the other persons had. When my lockups occur, the computer goes non-responsive. The mouse moves, but I cannot click on anything. I am forced to manually reboot. My system specs are in my sig. Are there any drivers or software applications that cause this kind of thing? I would greatly appreciate any help or tips. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the input! I am defiantly going to go with a better power supply. I was using some of the PSU calculators I found on the web, and they all were right up around 470 Watt, and that was not including future upgrades. I am still looking around at power supplies, but I am pretty sure I am going to go with the OCZ PowerStream. That's a good point about the Raptors, but I was planning on buying them off of a friend (He is upgrading to the 150GB Raptors, I have no idea why...). I am also going to look at the OCZ RAM. I will defiantly consider it when I buy the system. Would there be any other advantage of getting an SLI board besides the option to upgrade to SLI later? Anyway, I really appreciate the input. You guys have already saved me from burning up a power supply Thanks again!
  5. Hello! I am just about ready to purchase my new computer. I have decided to go with a DFI motherboard. I just wanted to get some input on this configuration. DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D AMD Athlon X2 4400+ eVGA 256MB GeForce 7800GTX 2GB Corsair XMS DDR PC3200 (2 x 1GB) Antec 480Watt TruePower PS Thermalright XP-120 Heatsink w/ 120mm Thermaltake Fan (2) WD 74GB Raptors (RAID 0) I plan on re-using: Case - Thermaltake Xaser II Optical Drives - DVD-ROM and DVD-RW Removable – Floppy and Card Reader I have done a good bit of reading on the Lanparty UT Ultra-D and have liked everything I have read. I just want to make sure this seems like a good system. I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks!
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