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  1. I have a Danger Den Fillport (http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...44&cat=6&page=1) I plan on using at the top of my loop. It say's it's nickle plated brass, would that conflict with my copper blocks/radiator? I'll be using distilled water and pentosin, along with some PT nuke.
  2. XBox Live is a "fail" in your eyes? LMAO, wow! XBL is far from a failure.
  3. Under control panel, go to "sounds and audio devices" and see if your realtek sound card is selected in the drop downs under the "audio" tab.
  4. My Rig will be used for: - Gaming - Multimedia Development (Graphics, Webpages, Audio Production) - Basic Net Surfing Sharp, what of you think of this? - 2x250 in RAID 1 (or RAID 5+0???) For my OS's, basically for redundancy. - 2x250 in RAID 0, For extra storage. Also, another question. I know, or to my knowledge you CAN'T ghost/image a raid array.... correct? But, can I save an image of my partition and if anything happened and lost my files, could I re-populate/image that partition? Sorry for so many questions, I know your probably thinking I'm a pain in the *** but I just want to make sure I set this up correctly/optimally.
  5. Anybody else have any input before I start here shortly? After sharp posted I'm on the fence as to go raid or use 1 HD per OS (but won't that be wasting a lot of HD space???). I don't know, just really torn at the moment.... Won't an OS run faster if it's on a RAID array?
  6. I have no idea what the MBR is, but, would it be smart to save the MBR to disc after I install each OS. And say I install XP first, save the MBR, install XP 64 save IT'S MBR file, reload XP's (not 64), then install vista, and reload both of the XP's MBR, to make sure that none of them are altered???? But, like I said, I have no idea what the MBR is.
  7. Awesome! Thanks for all your help and input krazy, it's been a blessing!
  8. If I don't use them, could I leave them in their default positions w/ the OS? Or would you still suggest moving them? I guess if 35G isn't big enough I could open it up a bit. Just, I have always made my own folders and stored my files there instead of utilizing the "my document" folders. Maybe it would be smart to use them instead? Also, if I mapped all three (XP, XP64 & vista) all to my storage partition, will I have 3 "Documents and Settings" folders?
  9. Ok, that should be easy enough. After I do my XP and XP 64bit i should then setup my partitions including the one for vista? or should i install vista like you explained with XP? Also, you're saying to re-map the "my documents" folders of BOTH XP and XP 64? I don't ever use the "my documents" folders, could I just axe them? Or maybe i'll just re-map them like you say. Do they contain any vital info?
  10. Yeah, I've never dealt with partitions before, so this is all new to me. Although, I have been reading the boards and know that partition magic and gparted are the popular choices, I just don't know how to go about setting them up (not the programs, but the optimal way of building partitions), etc. So yeah, give me what you got... lol. Again, thanks for all your help.
  11. Awesome, thank you for that. Do you have any input on this: ???
  12. Thanks for your input. I may just scrap Linux for now, and later on play with it on my other rig or play with the CD bootable version. Yeah, that's what I was wondering, if it was a virtual drive to mount ISO's to and such. I guess I worded my question wrong.
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