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  1. i think i will do two gigs, since i have the money and why the hell not? edit: thanks again for the help, <3 this forum
  2. hi guys, i have been experiencing some crashing errors while playing half life 2 with my current setup (see sig.) i have determined that the source of my problem is my RAM... its just not keeping up with the rest of the build. My venice 3200+ is a beast, it can handle 260x10 no problem, prime 95 stable, but my RAM can't seem to make it above 215. I would like to replace it with some DDR500 but I don't know if that would be compatible with my board? I have heard a lot of good things about OCZ and would like to give them a try... I hate hate hate my RAM and having to run on a multiplier :mad: i feel like i am cheating myself out of so much performance... if a memory upgrade to ddr500 is not possible, any other suggestions are of course welcome. thanks again for the help
  3. gah i dont want to RMA my power supply but I guess I don't have a choice :[ Im going to replace it with the FPS Blue Storm Here comes a week with out a computer :|
  4. why not do 246x11 to my understanding it's best to run at 1:1 if possible... I have only done one OC though so i may not be the most experienced, but that's my 2c also i have very cheap RAM so i was forced to use a divider
  5. 2.6 @ 1.6 V with thermaltake big typhoon Temps allow to push the voltage more but I don't want to take it too far and am happy with 2.6
  6. My specs are in my sig... I have been having trouble with starcraft crashing lately, just in the past couple of days, and I'm not sure if it's a hardware issue or a software issue. i feel pretty confident in the stability of my overclock since i ran prime overnight etc... I have been told my PSU might not be powerful enough for my system... I only have 18A on the +12V rail, and i don't know if that's enough juice for my video card... thoughts?
  7. Hi guys, another question. I have chosen Thermaltake Big Typhoon as my cooling solution. It works like a dream, 30 degrees idle, 40 load. My 3200 venice is at 2.6!!, i followed the OC guide, and everything was stable overnight in Prime and temps never crossed 40. However, when i bring my computer into standby, after a few minutes it will revive itself, and when i log into windows the CPU temps will have skyrocketed, sometimes as high as 56 degrees! :eek2: is this a problem with standby, or do i need to rethink my OC? I have no problems with temperatures running games, always below 40... it's only standby that is causing me problems.
  8. so i should reinstall then? edit: nm just read your edit i'll try the repair first i hope i don't have to reinstall :[ thanks
  9. I am working on a new build and am having trouble booting into windows with my SATA hard drive. As you can see in my sig i have two hard drives, a maxtor IDE and a seagate on SATA. The maxtor is from my old computer, and i tried to boot from it first because my new hard drive hadn't come in yet and I was impatient. I first tried it, and it BSOD'd and reset. I did a repair on the XP install on that drive, and the result was the same, BSOD, reset. So when my new hard drive came in the next day, I did a windows install on it, and booted into windows. All was right in the world. I want to run my OS off of the new SATA drive and use the old IDE drive for data storage, so I deleted the system partition on the IDE drive. I can no longer boot into windows. I get an "insert system disk" error. I know I deleted the right partition since I can still navigate the SATA drive in the windows repair console. I think I have everything properly set up in BIOS. I'm having a lot of difficulty figuring out what the problem is-- any help would be appreciated. Some BIOS screenshots below: Thanks again
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