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  1. I'm sorry, but could you be more specific and elaborate on this answer? Because I was considering purchasing the Expert instead of the ultra-d as I'd heard it OC's better. What makes the ultra-d easier? How can the Expert's hardware OC better? And how much is better but not justifiable? Like 2800->2850 or 2800->2807? Accepting that the OC may not be much better, would an OC of 2800 be more stable on an expert?
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of being able to find out before I buy the motherboard. I bought it about a month ago so I'm not too worried, I just like to take care of these things ahead of time.
  3. Is there a way to tell if your card will need fixing or not?
  4. I've heard there is an issue with the Creative X-Fi cards needing to have a bios flash, not sure if that was in reference to a specific DFI board or all DFI boards but it's something to look into.
  5. What about a Coolermaster Stacker Case with an Opteron 170? I'm somewhat set on the Ninja with a 120mm fan blowing~60cfm. How does that compare against other HSF's out there for my case/cpu combo?
  6. I did have a pci card but can't find it since helping my younger brother with a video issue last summer (6600GT AGP that refused to work with his old athlon motherboard which I know now is actually a PCIe card) but it's since vanished. Everything I'm hearing about the packaging indicates that it isn't anything to concern myself with so I'll just wait and see. The lab where I work has to recycle EVERY last computer part (each component is serial tagged) even the Mac's. I might be able to track down where on campus they're sent and buy an archaic box to salvage. I do have to thank you for winning me a bet about the green packaging with a friend. After I found out it wasn't an isolated incident I didn't understand why AMD would design a container so apparently flawed... unless it was supposed to do that and was designed to self-destroy itself to protect the chip.
  7. I don't have a PCI card handy but I suppose I could buy one to throw away althought I'm trying to avoid this. I don't want to ship the cpu anywhere as shipping is what started this whole problem. Will the board power up enough for the diagnostic LEDs to say good/bad for the cpu without a video card present?
  8. To start, let me say that all I'm trying to do is see if the cpu will just power up without throwing the cpu error. I'm very early in the construction of my new rig and have hit a slight stumbling block. Namely that AMD can't design a packaging system for retail cpu's that will reliably deliver a cpu to the consumer with the packaging intact. The cpu looks intact, heatspreader is flush against the "pcb" for lack of a better word and all the pins appear unbent. I feel somewhat uneasy purchasing all the components for a system around a processor that may be unavailable in 3 months when I plan on purchasing the other parts for my system. Now I can't afford to buy much more of the system this month, but I could buy the motherboard. My sole purpose for buying the board now instead of then is to see the result of the led indicating CPU "pass/fail," with just mobo, cpu, memory, and psu. As in no videocard.
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