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  1. Isn't there anyone out there with the same kind of driver problem like I have?
  2. Ok, used Nlite to slipstream XP SP2 setup with the 6.70 drivers.. and no go.. still gives the same BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error after installation.. Only way I get my system running is with the 4.79 Raid drivers.. Would be nice to know what's up with my system... Anyone? -Toby
  3. Bump.. anyone.. going to try I clean install today when I get home from work again.. Or maybe I should try to make a slipstream or an nlite XP SP install cd.. hmm.. if the newer drivers would install that way.. I'm all open to suggestions. Thanks. -Toby
  4. Jeps, thought about that nlite thing.. but when I managed to install XP succesfully without any problems.. Hate BSODs.. so I guess I'm stuck with the old 4.79 Raid driver.. not nice.. -Toby
  5. Hi, i'm using the newest bios available from DFI:s site. Flashed the board before starting installing XP. Thanks -Toby
  6. Hi! I'm having problems with the Raid driver installation for the NF4-expert mb. Atm I have the original 4.79 version of the raid driver installed.. but if I tryto update it to anything else I get a BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL .. what a hell is going on.. The only other card I have in my system is an X-fi and it isn't shared with anything.. This has never happen to me before.. if I reinstall XP.. with any other driver than the 4.79.. XP will install but when finished it won't start.. the BSOD magically appears.. Anyone any ideas why this is happening? -Toby
  7. I sent DFI a mail message regarding the m5288 error and here's the answer I got from them: Dear User: Thanks for your enquiry. As we said on dfi-street forum: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...t=53169&page=10 This sympton was caused by ULI chipset, ULI just released a Beta driver to us. Currently we are testing this Beta driver, we will keep you inform for our test result. If things go smooth, we should release this Beta driver soon. Let's hope the new Uli driver fixes it.. fingers crossed.. -Toby
  8. Hi ChkDsk, Tried your suggesstions but still getting the m5288 errors.. Though I have not reformatted.. but I don't think that reinstalling XP helps in this case.. done it a couple of times in the past 4 months or so and the problem has never changed.. Thanks for your hard work. -Toby
  9. Defragging the ULI hdd:s is not making the m5288 error appear. The easyest way to for my system to get the errors is when running the Hdtach long bench test.. then it usually gives the errors once or twice.. But lowering the latency to 32 or 64 has really made a difference on my system.. system seems more stable and faster.. or then again maybe it's just my imagination -Toby
  10. Hi, well the m5288 errors seems to continue with the latency se t to 64 or 32, but it doesn't seem to be giving me the same warnings as before.. now there are only about 1-2 warning after an error, before with the latency set to 128 there would be about 6-8 warnings. Go figure. -Toby
  11. Hi, good work there mjs8278. Lowered the latency to 64, did a couple of test runs with Hdtach and no m5288 errors occured.. switched the latency back to 128 and the errors were right back when running Hdtach test. So it looks promising.. will test it some more and let you know. Thanks Toby Small note, I got the m5288 error with the latency se to 64, now I set it to 32 and continue testing.
  12. Well my XP installation is about 1 month old and the errors has always been there.. But don't think a fresh install of XP would help in my or in any other cases.. Guess I'm going to have to live with those small hickups once in a while.. -Toby
  13. I'm still having the same m5288 errors, updated to the latest beta bios and I have never used the uli raid controller utility.. The m5288 error hapens twice under the HDTach benchmark(after a fresh reboot) -Toby
  14. Hi there! The m5288 error don't happen to my system that regurarly, but it still does happen so beats me..
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