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  1. Do you have an automated method for this?
  2. I've done it in the past manually... I wanted to automate it for other reasons. I also watch for other high-cpu processes like HandBrakeCLI, ghb, ffmpeg, etc... and stop folding while those are running.
  3. Thought I'd share this... Goal is to monitor the outdoor temps at the regional airport and start/stop folding accordingly. I don't wish to generate more heat than I need. Only run it once per hour to get the latest published weather updates. METAR reports are only updated once per hour. https://github.com/bandwith/limit_folding To keep the FX-8350 from crashing the mATX mobo, I've also found this useful -> https://github.com/Sepero/temp-throttle
  4. bandwith

    Taking 26th

    I got a good surprise when I looked up and was in the top 5k all-time folders. BTW, What could you do with over 25,000 computer cores?
  5. bandwith

    FX-8350 PPD?

    Seems the stock cooler cannot handle the 67C+ that was being generated. I've had to throttle back to 4 cores on the 8350 until I get the cooling sorted.
  6. Additionally, add high MERV filters to all air movement devices in the house. Central air, 20x20 box fan, etc... Replace them regularly, at least every 3 months. Having allergies and sleep apnea myself, the heavy filtering has saved my family from many respiratory problems. Any HVAC tech or MD that hears about it always has the light go off in their head.
  7. bandwith

    FX-8350 PPD?

    This is what I know about... there are many older systems in the field. Don't know out of them if they're still running. Office: Dell OptiPlex 755 - E6550 Dell OptiPlex 755 - E6550 Lenovo M90p - i5-750 w/ Quadro FX 380 LP MacBookPro6,2 - i7-M620 Home: Radiant POS Server - E8400 New System Build - FX-8350GA-78LMT-USB3 FX-8350 32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport Samsung 840 - 120gb Seagate 4TB ST4000DM000-1CD1 Seagate 4TB ST4000DM000-1CD1 And whenever the truck shows up... ~130 Dell OptiPlex 9010 for system burn-in...
  8. bandwith

    FX-8350 PPD?

    I just added an FX-8350 to the folding mix today. My total budget couldn't come close an i7. However, is it any good for PPD? Also, what's the new minimums for "special" WUs? btw, with all the VMs already loaded onto this system, it's still weird to look at ~760% CPU load with just folding....
  9. Same thing happened to me for Christmas vacation. Oddly, it was a faulty reboot sequence that hung everything up for me. Thankfully a power outage and having the correct BIOS settings got it back online. I've got the bios set to turn the systems on every night for backups, after the kids go to sleep. Next paycheck should get me a nice UPS to hold the core systems and the network stack for several hours. I'm still the only apartment that has both TV and room lights when the power goes out.
  10. Do I see that correctly, you actually have a shot at catching me?! Congrats!
  11. Did you check to verify the new core downloaded? I've had loads of problems being on a native IPv6 network.
  12. bandwith

    MPICH ?

    I've been digging around and haven't seen anything recent about clusters. Has there been any progress on the MPICH client? I'd love to start submitting jobs to PACE.
  13. Rare, but yes. Generally it's been a bad manufacturing run on the power supply. Just replaced another
  14. bandwith

    I'm Baaaack!

    Welcome back! I just moved and started folding on most of my personal work machines. I'd fall in love with Pande if they had a true HPC client... you know for those spare unused cycles on this!
  15. bandwith


    I used it a few years ago. Worked ok. I preferred the setup that finstall gave. Just be sure to set a folder that you want finstall to setup in... I would manually edit the path and set it to "/opt/folding"
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