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  1. Lifetime warranty on a HDD?! I think you mean 5-year warranty. If not tell me were to get one. :cool:
  2. What do you get for output when you type: dmesg | grep eth0 Also, did you try to "ifdown eth0" and "ifup eth0"? Sometimes that will reload the ethernet drivers and fix the problem...I have to do this for my laptops wireless NIC. So what you can do later is just add those commands to a boot script so you dont have to do this everytime on boot. If this works let me know and I can help you on placing this code into a script that runs on boot. OH, and post everything that is outputted from "lsmod" this will show all existing drivers which may help locate some problems.
  3. To answer your question above, no it boots off the cd and windows is not required. You can also make a winxp OS cd similar to this using a utility called Bart's PE Windows boot cd. You can google this to find out more. I am a fan of Suse Linux. This is a distro that has a version that you can run directly off of a cd like above but if you want that I would HIGHLY recommend KNOPPIX, they are only known for their live cds. But anyways Suse has a normal installation set (about 5 installation cds now) that has a large sellection of drivers and software that comes packaged with it. Suse is a great and simple way to start off linux...its GUI (if you choose to use one) is generally the KDE gui which functions and feels almost exactly like windows xp. For installing programs you can just use this simple yet powerful program called YaST that runs the .rpm files that you can find at places like freshrpms.net that are essentially .exe files but for linux. I have only tried one game since I only have one game written for linux, UT2004, and I am not that advanced at running windows programs in linux. But it ran just as nicely as my windows copy. The only downfall of this and many linux distros is that they are not packaged with mp3 or dvd support. this is due to licensing rights, but you can EASILY do this by running YaST (might take a while to get used to but after a while it is like riding a bike). Although I havent tried SuSE on this new system...my old system as well as my laptop ran golden. Almost all hardware was recognized upon installation with the exception to 3D acceleration (which I have ATI cards). Some say getting ATI to do 3D acceleration is very difficult, I found it VERY easy for me...I might have been lucky. Another distro you may want to look into is gentoo, a very customizable linux distro, this will take a while to learn and wouldnt recommend it unless you want to read for about a week on how to build it properly. But once you got it going people say (I havent actually used this distro yet) that it is the easiest distro out there. You can just you one command on the cli called "emerge" and whatever you want to install next to it. In anycase linux is awsome since there are so many programs that are similar to windows programs that are free such as OpenOffice.Org which is a replacement for MS OFFICE (there is also a windows version for this program now too).
  4. This may help you as it did me. For some older games I dont think they have a script or just dont know how to handle dual core systems, since the execute processes are shared between the two cores which may confuse some applications. When I tried to load the game C&C Generals for instance, the game would freeze on loading up and would have to end the process in task manager (As i believe happened to you). To fix this problem, I when to the cpu affinity in taskmanager and set it to one of the cores instead of both cores. To do this: ALT+CTRL+DEL into taskmanager Locate the process(es) that are associated with the application you are trying to run Right click on the process and select a core for it to be assigned to (under cpu affinity). Now try running the game again Hope this helps
  5. just to double check: Did you set the "Onboard SATA Type" Option to RAID? If not, then you havent enabled the ATI RAID controller yet. So you could possibly be in the F4 RAID program for the Silicon controller, which could explain why you dont see any HDDs.
  6. that connector should be vertical unless you dont have a normal tower case. But that connector is located furthest from the expansion slots.
  7. The sensor part of everest that has the temps (I beleive) doesnt work for me but everything else does.
  8. Nope...for me with 2T set I get about 5700 in 3DMark06 with no OC
  9. Only one I am having problems with is speedfan; I know everest works fine but I havent loaded up MBM5 yet. I am not really sure why your system is rebooting when loading up everest.
  10. You're right you dont "need" it. I think you are missing the meaning of my post...performance. People, including myself, found that this driver helped smooth things out. Its worth a shot, since it's free and reverseable... P.S. Viper, I read your post but your sentence structure implied it that way, I was just posting that as a clarification for him, no pun intended. I was not trying to get into a flame war and I am not gonna post in this thread anymore cause it seems like one is on the verge of arrival. And I was not trying to brag about my computer, that's immature...
  11. The AMD X2 driver has nothing to do with Cool 'N Quiet...I notice performance [de]crease and also increased my windows load time a little (call me crazy if you'd like but I notice you dont have an X2 so I dont think your in the posistion to ) P.S. ViperJohn, thats some crazy cooling mods on those videocards :drool:
  12. If this is the temp of your gfx card then you are perfectly fine. If this is your cpu, you could be in trouble.
  13. Well I dont notice stuttering in the Benchmark programs, have you tried installing the AMD driver for dual core cpus? You can find it here: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...1_13118,00.html Download the one that says: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (exe) I heard that there is also a windows hotfix that helps with using Cool 'N Quiet feature that people have claimed to see better performance with and without that feature enabled. So that might be something to look into...its beta though so if it isnt an emergency I would wait on that.
  14. I get stutter in only on game, counter strike source. For whatever reason this only happens until I ghost thought the entire map. It seems like it needs to first store the map in main memory or on the card possibly before it smooths out. I havent tried any other settings but currently I run the game at 1600x1200 16xAA 6xAF. This is somewhat annoying and I hope someone has a trick or solution up their sealves
  15. Sounds like it could be a heat issue...what are your temps while playing a game?
  16. Yeah airflow is quite fascinating sometimes...today I was bored and decided to rethink my fan arrangement...I have a total of 7 80mm case fans; 2 are 2400rpm and the rest are silent 1200rpm fans. Originally I was trying to make intake and outtake with the same arrangement, meaning I would place 1 of the 2400rpms fans as intake and the other as outtake with 3 or 1200rpm intake fans and 2 other 1200rpm outtake fans (with the additional ventialtion system provided by my PSU). This seemed to work well for my last system. But later on when I started adding more and more my computer case is flooded with cabling. So i decided trying to place both 2400s in the front intake of my case. That really helped. My Chipset was running about 51-53 idle now it runs 42-46 idle which is a very interesting change. I guess my old fan setup was creating a vacuum since my intake fans couldnt push any air into the system that well; but with the help of slightly faster fans, I could move more air into the front of the case where the air is generally the coolest.
  17. try setting the tref to 2064 in the BIOS DRAM settings ...the second "2064 value" down from the top, i believe. BTW welcome to the forums
  18. Yes I had my gfx card in there before bios upgrade...I had no problems there what so ever.
  19. What slots are your memory modules located in? Try using 2 and 4 if they are not located there already. Also people have not said great things about Aspire PSU...I am not sayin that it is the Problem as the BIOS version that is on that mobo is probably a pre 12/23/05 version which is always bad news.
  20. ATI Tray Tools doesnt work for me. I get an error that says: "Unable to retrive information from BIOS! Please report to developer about your board!" And speedfan has always crashed my computer so thats no go either. Donno where to get everest... Any Ideas?
  21. Yes it is possible (this is exactly how I set my RAID up). Go to BIOS and set the ATI Sil to RAID (which you should have already done if you have a working RAID)... and the OTHER SIL below that to SATA (I think by default is says RAID 0,1,0+1,5). If this is too vague let me know and I can be more detailed when I get home from work.
  22. Have u tried to just install those DirectX drivers that they mention? Try that if you havent.
  23. The version of SmartGuardian thats on DFI's website seems to have problems on RDX200 use the one on the cd. You may however have to reinstall windows to get that version to work (thats what I had to do) cause for some reason reinstalling to that cd's version didnt work after trying the latest version which yeilded all zeros. I asked DFI tech support about this and they said just to reformat. If you know a lot about the registry you may be able to spot the problem. But I certainly don't have any info on that topic. If you haven't tried k0nsl's suggested program I would highly recommend that; I just tried it out and it is quite impressive
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