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  1. Have u tried disabling usb keyboard and mouse options, for some reason this slowed my boottimes by a considerable amount (it might just be due to my external 300gb HDD)?
  2. cool I didnt know you could do it that way, I will have to try that
  3. I am not sure about how many oblivion gates there are but I have seen a lot, I am lvl 20 so I am quite far into the game. to recharge weapons you can go to bruma city and go into the mage guild(or any town that has a mage guild i think), there is a guy there (forget his name, he has a green coat and you may have to wait for him to arrive) he can recharge weapons it is not cheap tho for good weapons. I tried to be very conservative early on so I could buy a house and furnish it lol. Now I have a central place to drop all my stuff I want to hold onto...But i may have to buy another (i am running out of space lol).
  4. It would help if you could spellcheck this post for me, I can't understand a couple sentences you are saying.
  5. Do you have the lost power last state option enabled (I don't remember the actual name)? I think this is what caused that to happen to me.
  6. Yeah there is, I don't know why they say this though cause I was able to avoid that. Mine is running smoothly at DDR500.
  7. I dont think this is what you ment by the above but if you haven't already, update your BIOS to newest if you havent! Old BIOS versions are very sketchy and have a lot of problems. To answer your actual question pertaining to default BIOS settings, you should be as specific as you can, esspecially with your DRAM settings (ex. if you have 2-3-3-8 memory SPD timings you should set them to those values [at least for starters till you get this kink worked out]). Have you tried running any tests such as memtest86? You should if you haven't (do so for about 8hours or for just a few to get a rough estimate on how your memory is doing).
  8. Couple things you can try that may or may not help: Reinstall Cata Drivers Get that card into a friends PC and see if the problem follows the card Try setting the Catalyst's OC settings to lower than they currently are (maybe make them at the 2D setting just to see if it could infact be a heat issue)
  9. my card will sometimes reach 80C in 3D mode and I have no artifacts. But yours could be defective in some way, I dont know. I used to get some weird occurances of missmatched polygons when setting the ingame AF to 6x. Is this what is happening to you?
  10. This will answer any questions on configuring your memory in BIOS. You will see CPC setting set to disable will set your memory to 2T. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...179&postcount=4
  11. Were you able to get into the F6 setup during boot up? If you havent been in this menu go into it and setup the type of array you desire.
  12. DFI says this is normal behavior for memory greater than 3 gigs. I forget where I read this but if you search around in the forum you should stubble upon this.
  13. I used to use Norton, I hated how deep it integrates itself in your registry, makes it very difficult to unistall completely (or atleast that used to be the case, not sure now). And yeah, it was very slow. I use McAfee Enterprise, recent versions of it has been a little troublesome but I found fixes for it. It used to delete valid media files without my permission (for some reason they now have this set to default which is a terrible decission in my opinion). But this guy scans for practically everything (viruses, malware, spyware, tojans, etc) I like the fact that my license is perpetual (because of the university I go to)
  14. I totally agree. I feel that windows 64 was a marketing tactic MS employeed just to gain a couple of bucks until Vista is officially released
  15. I dont know if this matters or not, but...have you setup the array piror to running the windows install? by pressing f4 or f6 (cant remember which one).
  16. Fum you're right, I apparently was confussing myself big time on this with Dual Channel and DDR. I dont even remember writting this post :confused:
  17. The mobo defaults the voltage to that level for safety reasons. You can increase the voltage to that level, this should decrease the possibility that the signals/values are not getting attenuated to an ureadable value that your computer can not understand correctly. Setting your ram to the SPD values that you listed is also a good idea for starters, this should reduce the possibility of errors. But if you said you ran memtest for 8 hours without errors this probably wont have an effect on this situation. Have you ran any tests on your harddisk? Maybe some of your sectors are bad which would explain the reason why only certain games crash.
  18. I would be surprised if setting the slower memory to faster/tighter timings would yeild better results. Your best bet is to loosen the timings of the faster memory to suit the needs of the slower memory modules.
  19. Gmail Notifier worked for me, never tried messenger...wasnt interested in it.
  20. I dont have linux installed...I am trying to install it. Unless you mean I need to edit the first cd that I run the installer off of (I have no idea how to do that)
  21. You can try setting your RAM timings to the ones specified in CPU-Z or from your manufacturers website; instead of leaving them on auto. Sometimes mobos will tighten the timings automatically even though that is not what the SPD has for timings.
  22. You guys can try Everest and Systool if you havent already those work reasonably well on my machine, so they should work for you guys as well. Dont expect the sensor part of Everest to work though, that crashes my computer (so it might do the same to yours).
  23. Although I dont know of your exact cause of this, here are 2 tweaks you can perform: I used to use a program called TuneXP. You can find at Driverheaven.net. It has a lot of nice tweaks that speed load times and shutdown times. One of them is essentially the kill command that kills all processes forcefully. This helped me shutdown my computer in less than 20sec rather than about 2mins. I can't say this for sure: but when I installed it in the past, my computer would get messed up and would have to rollback some files inorder for it to work again (without loosing data). This may have been caused by it, or may have not. So use at your own risk. Another thing you may want to do is, delete all files located in your prefetch. This is a folder with commonly loaded up programs. This can speedup load up times and (i believe) shutdown times. This will also slow down the loadtime of your programs initially but when they are added to the prefect again they will load normally.
  24. Happens to me and many others here. I dont know of a fix.
  25. I wanted to run SuSE on my box, doesn't look like it will happen. When attempting to start the installation section (where it does hardware detection) it just stays at a black blank screen. Has anyone else witnessed this? I saw another forum post that was in german (I think) that said something to this extent... (Edit) PS. The first step to hardware detection is the harddisks (which is somewhat interesting that it couldnt get to this step; does this point to a possible conflict with the ati chipset? this wouldnt surprise me). I tried disabling the raid setup in bios just to see if that could have been the problem, which it wasnt.
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