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  1. Well, I was bored this past week and decided to give linux another try on my RDX200 mobo. In the past there was no support for this motherboard and I managed to barely get into a distro via a live cd (I think it was SuSE 9.1 eval). When the distro was fully loaded up I checked the hardware listed in lspci and it was apparent that the distro had no clue as to what this hardware was.


    So I figured after several months of development that the distro might have new support for hardware, and indeed it did! SuSE 10.1 has support for this mobo but there are still some devices it doesn't understand (I think its just ATI hardware). I know there have been people in the past wanting linux support for this mobo and if you guys are still around your wishes have been answered. I also imagine that later on in the final release of SuSE 11 or other similar distros the support for ATI hardware will become more prevalent due to AMD and ATI merge (or so I hope).


    So give your mobo a healthy serving of linux.


    If any one has tryied this with the RDX200 or CFX3200 with any other distro please let us know!

  2. Welcome zulu...




    " Try downloading a copy of Knoppix 4.0 (It is generally agreed that Knoppix has the best hardware detection of any distro) from http://knopper.net/knoppix-mirrors/index-en.html (its a live CD) and running it as a live CD on your system.. if you can get it to boot at all, you can issue the command 'lspci' from a shell prompt and you will receive a list of hardware that the Linux Kernel for that OS recognizes.. from that list , you can see which pieces of hardware are recognized and which are not (and those are probably the ones which are giving you trouble)" :nod:


    Thanks for the suggestion and I may try it if I am bored to confirm my current results. But I have already done that with suse 9.3 live cd. When I did lspci I know it showed the northbridge as an "unknown" vendor and I cant remember if it showed the graphics card or not. Which I guess what you were hinting is that the kernel that that distro is using doesnt support it. I cant remember what version it was but I can say for sure that the new version, SuSE 10 has a kernel that is more than a year old. I have no idea why they use such old versions. :confused:


    So my next question, does anyone know if a newer linux kernel has support for the rdx200 northbridge?

  3. I havent had any luck with trying to install suse 10 or gentoo on this mobo.

    On suse 10, I can get the initial setup screen to select to special install options such as enabling or disabling aspi or using a gui install or text installer. But after trying any option I get a black screen.

    On gentoo, I can't even get single prompt screen.


    I havent been able to determine if it is the chipset or my gfx card making this difficulty.


    But just for fun I took an onld machine and installed copy of suse on a 120GB HDD and I am gonna stick that into my rig and see how linux will handle.


    I was actually able to get the suse 9.3 live cd to work (however it was in 256 color mode =/). But what is interesting the live cd for suse 10 does not work at all, maybe the cd has an error on it. But in any case it is fustrating, but I like to tinker and will not give up on it completely :nod:

  4. Ok that makes sense, the part I guess I failed to understand was that since the hdd have the same content on the disks the controller can share the reading of the data.


    I noticed a mention that random reading from the disks is what is increase, sequential is not. I dont know what that refers to though, maybe someone can clarify




    This is where is saw the above comment

  5. I am by no means an expert on this but I see no reason why there would be performance increase on read times. RAID 1 is just for mirroring a disk.


    You might be refering to RAID 0 which is a stripping method that takes chunks of data and distrubute the load on each disk in the array. This increases read and write times.

  6. I played RO in the past when it was for UT2003 and UT2004. I wasn't really impressed with it at that time, since the AI did not have any form of thinking, which is more of the games fault not the mod.

    I am on the same lines as Grunt_Style. The AI in FPS games are primarily what will draw the player in; that and the graphics of course. I think we will see the AI carry on more levels of awareness to the situation such as pursuing a player and not stopping after a few mins. Heck if I am getting shot I wouldn't brush it off as if a bee stung me. I would either run like a coward pleeing for help or find some cover and handle the situation.

    One problem that I see with a lot of games today, not just FPS but a lot of other genres is that the AI don't have a lot of choices in where they go. Even in FarCry, which is arguably one of the most intelligent AI systems out to date, the AI are either patrolling a zone or camping out. I would like to see some AI taking on tasks that go a little furthur than that, almost to the same level as what the game Oblivion did. In this game the AI all have goals in life and carry on tasks and goals that they try to accomplish regardless if you are in sight or not. This could be brought into an FPS point of view but since the time period is generally short term it would be small tasks such a taking a cargo truck from point A to B to even out troop placement or strengthen a hot spot; or have troops take night shifts and such. I know that these games fullfill this to an extent by making trigger spots or events; but it just isnt the same to me, esspecially when playing it through for the second or more times. The game I am excited about (as I am sure the rest of you are) is Crysis.

  7. By the way, if you hear about the missing painter go do that quest, its kinda cool, and might give your graphics card a bit of a break. :)


    Yeah of loved that quest. I killed those monster (i will leave the names out to not spoil it) without those potions, that was tough!

  8. I found the book to be more of a history and the nature of tamriel. There were not really any hints, just something that helps build character to the game and increase the appreciation of this fanatasy world. Nothing in that booklet is really of any use, the users manuel for the game helps more in that area than the book. Its a nice short read though.

  9. speaking of the scroll wheel....why did they not implement a rotate weapon/spell keys like they used to in TES3? I find that using the scrollwheel to vary the distance the camera is in 3rd person to be quite pointless, I hardly ever use third person for anything usefull. Using the first 5 numbers to hotkeys assignments is ok but 6,7,and 8 are too far away for me to use accurately. I think they should implement a next weapon, previous weapon, next spell, previous spell hotkey. Anyone else agree?


    I mean how hard can that be?!

  10. I meant, your character will get to a point where you won't need a horse, cause you can run/walk faster, and jump farther/higher.


    But you would think that being a Khajit, they woudl come with stat bonus that set them apart as they are Feline...................

    I see what you mean now :nod:

    Yeah my guy has very high speed but is the black horse faster? When I see that news paper lady running around in cyrodil she is flyin!!! If thats how fast the black horse goes I want one.


    [Edit] I found where to get them, they are in cheydinhal. And they are a heck of a lot faster than that free horse you get at weyon's (spelling?) priory.

  11. Build your speed up enough and the horse will be slow in comparison, same with agility, and I think athletics.

    I dont think he was refering to capturing a horse but rather "having" a horse and going into a building and going back out and it is not there anymore. Like if I go to Sky Rock and take a snooze with my horse outside; when I go back out to hop on my horse he is no longer there.


    Oh and while on the subject of horses, where can I find a black horse? (or another unicorn for that matter, I had to slay one on a quest and was wondering if there are anymore of these guys)?

  12. Quick Q... how do I prevent my horse from going away when I need to walk around? I was able to get it without "stealing" it but sometimes when I go inside and come back out my horse is gone...

    Yeah this seems to happen a lot. You can bring it back by quick travelling to a town or any other location. The horse will be right outside of it. I dont know of a way to prevent this yet.

  13. As far as bugs, there is a hillarious one in Imperial City. There is a beggar on the Waterfront with an Irish accent, but if you ask him about rumors, he speaks with no accent at all. The contrast is hillarious! Or maybe it's just me, better lay off the coke. ;)


    Hehe, yeah there are several of those guys located around the map as well as some female ones. A bug that I ran across that you guys can try is sky walking, all you have to do is get a horse and go to a hill area where you normally would slide down the hill a little. Try to get off, you will do nothing for about 5-10seconds, then you will get off, what happens is that you are no longer walking on the visable polygons and now walking on air, but if you walk up a hill and try to walk back down you will be floating at that altitude that you originally walked up to. Whats even more interesting is that if you get enough altitude and start walking around way up in the sky, you will start to take damage, I am not sure if the NPCs are attacking me or what but Its kinda fun for a few minutes.


    Also another bug is that the radient-looking light masks the NPC's hair. So if you stand on the other side of the light it will look like they have no hair.

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