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  1. Fixed. I did not understand what the issue was till you said the texture.. Da da der!
  2. Wow. I am just not awake today!
  3. What can i do to rectify this? I have no problem fixing it if it is on my end! Edit: the seam appears to be me Seam fixed:
  4. I am surprised that xp allows a ! in a file name....
  5. I hear ya. hopefully i can start getting better at this?
  6. Well i had also left the xcf file at work so i would have been of no use last night in trying to tweak it,.
  7. < thinks its funny that ^^ thinks i am a ginger. < used to have really blonde hair that has faded. Now the reddest hair i have is my beard.
  8. I'm just glad i didn't botch it...
  9. ok give me just a few minutes and i shall Well i seem to be "special". When i expand the canvas in Gimp it does not allow me to see what is on the other edge of the canvas, thus where my problem came in.
  10. My first feeble attempt. Hopefully this fail is not epic!
  11. Lol. Depending on how long this takes me!
  12. Thx. I am looking into it. Edit: makes sense why i was lost. That last pic is missing from the whole worm.
  13. That's interesting. The files that is listing should be the debug files that state what happened and why.... If they are not there makes it extremely difficult to determine what has happened.
  14. Whats in the xml and the .dmp files?
  15. Well i seem to only have picture of me with my son.. That's a good thing right? Lol here is one from last night with no long hair or bushy arse beard.
  16. Lol. Maybe you are just wicked.
  17. ^ has never seen < son's temper! < thanks ^ for the compliment!
  18. Freaking sweet. Check out the White and nerdy
  19. That would explain it. What better picture than that of the photographer being beat with a board!
  20. How young are you. Made me look like an old man
  21. Me with my son the day he was born (9 months ago now)
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