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  1. Yes i would also likde to know who did win this
  2. yeah i wont install the quick time so i have only seen what is on the tv
  3. ahhh yes akira i own this one yet i forget about it
  4. i got your ram (512mb) hd space (244gigs) beat so i think i win ... or not ?
  5. Lain is a good one - neon genisis anvangelian - vampire hunter d is a must can't think of any others at this moment
  6. to bad i already paid for my .net site
  7. If you have some spare time come check out my website If you would liek to submit news content or anythign else jsut register and you shall see it happen... Thanks alot mikeock Woops crap html --- does now
  8. if your really want the sound activated cold cathode you go pick up a decent car band pass box. Hook up the correct amp and there is your sollution ...
  9. The candy bar soudns like the .. Where the #### was that purchased anyways? Here is the reply you have fun with that mike
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