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  1. Hello


    I am using a Zyxel 660 hw-t1 wifi router


    In the house there is also a linksey range expander


    The two computers connected into the router using ethernet cables run perfectly well. One on vista and one on xp


    However the wireless two computers are unable to connect. The one on vista is unable to renew its ip address. Have also tried it manually using ipconfig/release- ipconfig/renew

    The one on xp today i just put a new edimax 7728In in it.


    I installed the utility provided. It gets 80 percent signal however when i try to connect it says "limited on no connectivity". I tried to renew ip address manually however comes up with "unable to connect to DHCP server"

    Try to use the windows one however says wireless zero configuration is disabled.

    Look at the properties of the connection it either says

    Invalid ip address or private connection 169.254.......

    Need some help to solve it


    Do the other machines, wired ones, use DHCP?

  2. Week my arse lol... KingD said "half a day or so" :P


    So, in case he changes his mind...







    I actually asked Andrew (KingD) by PM and MSN, but got bored of waiting, and had already started in Photoshop lol

    Sweet job!

    Glad to see some different stuff other than my dark stuff!

  3. I'm a Sound Engineer, and have been since 1977. Although i have my own studio, 90% of my work nowdays involves live gigs.


    My work is my life, which sounds odd, but Mrs kitfit travels with me when i'm away and we both get to see the world.


    I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. The hours are very very long, but i enjoy every minute of it, get to meet loads of talented peeps and get paid very well for it.

    Sounds like a dream to me.

    Travel with the family!

  4. I work as a test engineer/automation technician (lvl 3) for a large printer company.

    Write code to test printer interfaces and verify functionality.

    Mainly admin type stuff, assigning out work, writing defects, verifying defects.


    I enjoy it till my contract company screws me, and this happens yearly.


    Been at this job for 6 yrs now though.

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