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  1. Reverting code while on continuous integration cycle with SVN!
  2. Don't forget Psywar... haven't seen him in ages!
  3. Now there is a username i recognize!
  4. ^ couldn't come up with anything better.
  5. I guess it comes with age also though. After rounding past 26 most of the people here seem pretty young to me!
  6. I thought you were talking old skool. Must have been when i took my leave that you all showed up!
  7. Looks like a ford granada to me. Not sure of the year. Edit: looks like an MK1?
  8. Once again i have nothing. Someone else can go.
  9. looks like a 1950 Willys Jeepster
  10. Sweet i got one right. Someone else can take this as i dont have any photos of cars at work.
  11. 1977 Pontiac LeMans Can Am?
  12. What is the wireless booster box. In my experience, turning on the wireless i can roam my whole house without losing connection. Could the router perhaps be in a location where electrical interference is coming into play?
  13. Those last two are sweet. Great job everyone!
  14. Sweet job! Glad to see some different stuff other than my dark stuff!
  15. They are jealous of my quick turnaround!
  16. Sounds like a dream to me. Travel with the family!
  17. I work as a test engineer/automation technician (lvl 3) for a large printer company. Write code to test printer interfaces and verify functionality. Mainly admin type stuff, assigning out work, writing defects, verifying defects. I enjoy it till my contract company screws me, and this happens yearly. Been at this job for 6 yrs now though.
  18. So is it mine that is off?
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