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  1. my redneck and first thing in the morning.
  2. ^ should know that < attention span is short when reading these posts.
  3. ^ should know its lurking, not roaming.
  4. ^ makes < want to play some gran turismo!
  5. ^ and ^^^ would be surprised to see < max speed is 98 so far.
  6. ^^^ is right about ^^^^'s avatar. < was distracted like ^^. ^ likes ^^ kitty. ^ should look at getting a max speed and be enlightened.
  7. ^ is right < didn't even think of that. Does your GPS support a max speed item? Mine will tell me the max speed i have hit.
  8. ^ can legally speed which makes < jealous.
  9. Mmm fireworks. My little town of 500ppl was overrun by about 10k good times though and some great fireworks! That was from my front yard!
  10. Damn and the gutter humor comes out. Am i surprised? Not so much with this crowd!
  11. bought this tat for my wife! Think i found a new artist as this was $60
  12. Lol. Someone else go ahead.
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