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  1. awesome thanks for sharing. yea im leaning on getting the d40 as my first, originaly i was looking at the Canon rebel XS.


    heres a HDR pic i took today of one of my lego pieces.




    The lack of bracketing does make HDR a challenge with the D40. Either you manually adjust the settings or you shoot in Raw and then adjust the settings on the pc to make 3 different exposures...


    Love how toned down this HDR is. Most people go to the extreme on these shots.

  2. Thanks for the comments fellas. Yea the digital zoom does make them grainy but since it was just one subject it dosent look too bad!


    The telephoto lense is a 52mm lense with 58mm threads for filters, the adapter to connect the lense to the a590is is threaded for 52mm. i use a 52-58mm stepup ring for when i dont feel like using the telephoto lense. My friends S5is can use seperate lenses and filters, but needs a different, longer adapter, hence why i cant use the filters on it


    Mike what camera gear do you have?


    Edit: I see you use a D40 from some older posts, how do you like it? I was thinking of getting a D40 as my first dslr and later on getting a 50mm f/1.8D


    I actually have quite a few cameras.


    fuji a400

    fuji e900 (this was my baby till i got the DSLR)



    n90s - film slr (first slr)


    Lenses i have a 55-200and a 18-55. both are kit lenses so variable f stop

    I also have a tokina 18-70 f/2.8 that is awesome. (came with the n90s)


    I really like my d40.

    There are a few drawbacks of it though.

    Lack of focus motor.

    On the n90s the tokina will auto focus, on the d40 its a manual focus lens.

    Lack of bracketing.

    30sec limitation on exposure time.


    Other than that it is awesome and a great starter for DSLR.

    (its like my right hand now!)

  3. oh i bought 58mm for my a590is. if i dont use the 2.0x telephoto lense i bought, i use the 52-58mm step up to mount it on the lense adapter as the lense adapter is 52mm and the lense is 58mm. When i bought them i never thought i would be using a S5is lol


    I shot them in manual for the big ones i shot with ISO-100, f/8.0, 1/40 shutter , with full optical and digital zoom. for the shot with the clouds visible i used longer shutter time of 0.5. the rest i used shutter 1/50 and f/5.6

    So i am assuming the telephoto lens is not threaded...

    Yeah i did the same thing with a purchase of a bunch of 49mm filters.


    Thanks for the info on the technical specs. i like to study how the image was made and apply it to my photography.

  4. Also, has anyone here ever had to do 31? (Turning a PlayStation on its end to try and get a game to load.)

    I haven't even heard of that and I had mine for about 8 years.


    This came into play with old non slimline ps2.

    There was a washer that gripped the disk that would wear out and not be able to properly read, as it was slipping.

    Either turning it sideways, or adding a piece of scotch tape to the disk, would often times allow enough friction for the disk to be read.



    Damn i am old. i knew about 90% of that.

    Hell i still have records!... and 8 tracks w/ working players!

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