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  1. The lack of bracketing does make HDR a challenge with the D40. Either you manually adjust the settings or you shoot in Raw and then adjust the settings on the pc to make 3 different exposures... Love how toned down this HDR is. Most people go to the extreme on these shots.
  2. I actually have quite a few cameras. P&S fuji a400 fuji e900 (this was my baby till i got the DSLR) Others: n90s - film slr (first slr) d40 Lenses i have a 55-200and a 18-55. both are kit lenses so variable f stop I also have a tokina 18-70 f/2.8 that is awesome. (came with the n90s) I really like my d40. There are a few drawbacks of it though. Lack of focus motor. On the n90s the tokina will auto focus, on the d40 its a manual focus lens. Lack of bracketing. 30sec limitation on exposure time. Other than that it is awesome and a great starter for DSLR. (its like my right hand now!)
  3. I think thats due to the digital zoom on the first 2
  4. So i am assuming the telephoto lens is not threaded... Yeah i did the same thing with a purchase of a bunch of 49mm filters. Thanks for the info on the technical specs. i like to study how the image was made and apply it to my photography.
  5. I've learned to buy one for the biggest lens I have then just buy step up rings to adapt them to all my other lenses. Great shots though. What mode were you shooting in?
  6. My thoughts on this whole article are summed up by this comment.
  7. http://www.stealthwarriors.com/_content/0303/chip_bios.jpg Showing someone what a bios chip looks like
  8. Search for missing boy: More than 100 registered . offenders have been interviewed [01:22 p.m.] Sending someone a headline. Lol. The board edited out the word... S E X
  9. Lol. I feel the same way as i chase the neighbors cat off my property.
  10. This came into play with old non slimline ps2. There was a washer that gripped the disk that would wear out and not be able to properly read, as it was slipping. Either turning it sideways, or adding a piece of scotch tape to the disk, would often times allow enough friction for the disk to be read. Damn i am old. i knew about 90% of that. Hell i still have records!... and 8 tracks w/ working players!
  11. And scarier then hell. Is someone posting a new one?
  12. if ^ was a tester such as < such a test would be simple
  13. ^ probably has eyes like ^^ but can ^ see as well as <?
  14. ^ thinks he is right. < knows the lower the post count, the better the quality!
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