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  1. mikeock

    Capitalized Topics

    But that is the fun part of posting
  2. mikeock

    OCCC Giveaway

    Yes i would also likde to know who did win this
  3. mikeock

    Bum Fights

    yeah i wont install the quick time so i have only seen what is on the tv
  4. mikeock

    Japanese Anime

    ahhh yes akira i own this one yet i forget about it
  5. mikeock

    Is My Comp Better Than Yours?

    i got your ram (512mb) hd space (244gigs) beat so i think i win ... or not ?
  6. mikeock

    Rate This Backgroung.

    link not working
  7. mikeock

    Coke Or Pepsi Products..

    must have mountain dew
  8. mikeock

    Japanese Anime

    Lain is a good one - neon genisis anvangelian - vampire hunter d is a must can't think of any others at this moment
  9. mikeock

    Free Domains! W00t!

    to bad i already paid for my .net site
  10. mikeock

    New Mod Idear

    if your really want the sound activated cold cathode you go pick up a decent car band pass box. Hook up the correct amp and there is your sollution ...
  11. mikeock

    Contest :: geargrip crt

    The candy bar soudns like the .. Where the #### was that purchased anyways? Here is the reply you have fun with that mike