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  1. ^ should know that the post count does not = coolness!
  2. I do recall the days of the 100+ posts and the great amount of face palms that it produced. Glad i never fell into that group!
  3. ^ must have taken hours to read said thread
  4. I'm to lazy scroll all of 1000 pixels to hit that x
  5. http://www.jpgmag.com/photos/1823550 Showing off my photo i took last night.
  6. nothing pc rebooted overnight.
  7. ^ has made < sad by not mentioning <recently
  8. Yeah what he said. That brown reminds me of the settling ponds of effluent.
  9. http://amuen.com/uploads_user/2000/1497/10327.jpg Tat design with the artist.
  10. 7:30 AM ^ filling out timesheet
  11. I do like your concept though. Great characters!
  12. Ok maybe you do have me beat! my town is only 550ppl
  13. ROFL. I do live in the middle of nowhere! My redneck is epic.
  14. ^^^^ is correct. < says mmmm bacon!
  15. ^ sleeps early. < wishes family didn't have to come into town in the middle of my work week so < could hit the sack early. !
  16. ^ reminded < to check mirror before moving vehicle.
  17. ROFL. Kids pulled a fast one there!
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