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  1. finally got crossfire working. i updated to the newest beta bios and popped in my cards and they worked. took a few mins to boot at first but after the initial boot everything is great. scored just a tad under 30000 in 03. not bad if i say so. i have to change my specs. i got the new enermax galaxy 1kw powersupply. 78 amps on 5 rails its quad sli and quad core cpu certified.
  2. did you try booting using the ide hard drive with the sata raid setup just for games or just the ide hard drive? also even though it sounds dumb have you tried the whole put the master card in the bottom slot and the slave in the top. im aobut to work on it. i need to try to new beta stuff first and pop on 6.8 cats.
  3. okay. i got fed up with trying to get ahold of powercolor to try and get my x1900 crossfire problems solved. so i ordered a new dfi 3200 motherboard and also ordered the new enermax galaxy 1kw powersupply and stuck in the crossfire card along with the ati x1900xtx. same thing still happens. the xtx spins up and wont boot into windows. if i try a new install is acts like its formatting then restarts and goes through the same motions. I can use each card as i want. downloaded the latest bios and drivers for everything. im trying to get ahold of powercolor to see if i can rma the card in but it always seems like a waiting game. i may just buy another ati crossfire card to test but jeez its a lot of money.
  4. im trying to find it so bear with me. but it doesn't seem like a gfx card problem. i can put either in slot 1 and it boots fine. i also put them into my backup gateway with pcexpress and they work perfectly also. im about to just buy another motherboard to get this over with. is it worth waiting for a dfi 3200 or is the abit one just as good? overclocking is not as important. somewhat but by now id rather just have stability.
  5. yeah. i made sure to connect everything that the manual said to do. i don't know what to think. i see others here with dual 1900s with no problems. but on mine it just reboots. the fan never quiets down. it did this before when i first built my rig but it was the powersupply. now even ati said my powersupply will easily handle the load.
  6. i still don't know whats going on. is the rdx200 just not great when it comes to these cards? ati already said the silverstone i have can easily do this crossfire setup.
  7. hey guys. been a while since ive been watching the lists. work is hell. lol well my board has been great so far but i finally got a great deal on a 1900xtx to go with my system and decided to do crossfire. i thought it would be as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. obviously i put the link cable on and connected it correctly and everything. as in my specs its a powercolor x1900xt cfe combined now with a ati x1900xtx cfr card. plugged the card in and it turns its fan way up and never lowers the speed. i tested the memory at work ( i am a tech at cc) and harddrives and anything else i could think of. green across the board. tested each card in the first slot. ran fun. spins up then slows down like normal. but when both are in the bottom slot ones fan spins real fast and never slows. i downloaded the newst bios 12/23/05 i believe. set the ram timings to 2.8 to give them enough juice. turned on multi card option in bios and set each to 8x because thats what the board can do. ive tried everything i can think of. any other possibilities? also i tried installing win xp with the sata drives on the ati slots but it gives numerous errors. so i have to install on 3114 ports. then no probs. tried installing a fresh copy of xp when i installed the new card. it goes through the motions like its formatting and copying files but then when it reboots it goes through the same thing. it doesnt move on to the install screen. also now that i have xp back on. ( moved to one card) if i add the second. it acts as though its loading but then just reboots. powersupply btw is a silverstone 600 watt- 4 rails- 13a 18a 16a 8a. it shouldnt be that should it. this would be the third powersupply ive had to get then. im about fed up and ready to just go get the abit on sale at frys. lol. any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. but how do the 12v rails work. in regards to ati's specs would you put all the rails together for one larger number or do they act as separate?
  9. by any chance. can anyone teach me how to connect two powersupplies? im thinking. i could run the bfg for just the card and the aerocool for the rest of the case. that way the radeon would have plenty of power? possible idea or just stupid? i have to buy in a store cause i dont want to use my cc for this and just a check. so it has to be local. out of these which would yall recommend. im gonna try the bfg since its on sale and if it works great. if not ill return and try another. im just tired of the random things. today i played empires at war for a good 2 hours. go to dinner come back. now it restarts no matter what i try. btw. what causes system restarts when trying a game. what else COULD it possibly be. Now out of these ps's which would you choose? http://microcenter.com/byos/byos_single_pr...oduct_id=233969 http://microcenter.com/byos/byos_single_pr...oduct_id=232023 http://microcenter.com/byos/byos_single_pr...oduct_id=234675 http://www.directron.com/sstst75zf.html remember it needs to be better than this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817101208 im thinking the directron one. expensive but wouldnt need to upgrade for a while.
  10. yeah but the reason i said bfg was because i can get it for 99 right now at compusa. i dont want to order something and wait. would the bfg be just as good. 20 amp on each instead of 22. also do you put both rails together to get a total or are they compeltly separate
  11. do yall think this power supply would be better than my current one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817702003 the bfg 650watt powersupply? has 20amps on 2 12 volt rails. couple of questions. do you put both rails together to get 40 amps or are they completely separate. also my current one has 20 on one rail and 18 on the other. could it be the culprit. currently i have the aero cool 550 and my system reboots whenever i start a game. secs. dfi rdx200 motherboard powercolor x1900 crossfire edition 2 gigs muskin pc4000 dual 250 gig wd se sata 2 in raid 0 fatality soundcard dvd burner and dvd rom. what powersupply should i get?
  12. what power supply should i purchase to replace my aerocool. im getting sick and tired of having reboots on every single game. i strongly feel its because the aerocool only pools 18 amps when every sight recommends 26 or higher amps on the 12 volts. i know my card is running hot. just rebooted and its at 60c but now i cant even run flight sim 04 every low detail with the fans all turned high and ati tool forcing atis fan on high. . me off.
  13. do yall think maybe the card is jacked? i mean i thought i had a good amount of air on it. dual 80 mm fans on front. one being a tornado at med setting blowing right onto the card. then below it is an antec slot cooler. my sytem never goes over 30c. i didnt think it was a heat issue. ati's temp meter says its around 50c
  14. hey. my system has been running fine for about 3 months but now for some reason on certain games if i play my system just reboots. i have to manually turn the gpu fan to 100 percent to play all my other games so i emailed powercolor tech support. They said download the latest northbridge drivers. which ones are they for the dfi rdx200cf?
  15. normally. if using ccc how long does it take for the whole thing to be done? mine gets about half way through after 10 mins then says it timed out.
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