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  1. OUCH! Time to see the Chiropractor.
  2. Ok...the great April fools joke gave me the idea of asking the question...just for the pathetic entertainment value. If I won the lottery: ....Buy a house in the mountains, an another on the beach. ....Buy a Porsche 997 Turbo S4.....and dust the living crap out of every 16 year old punk with a souped up dodge Neon that wanted to race thinking they actually had a chance. ....Build a hockey rink, and make it accessible to all my hockey playing friends (and of course find a way to have a dfi-street tournament annually for all dfi-streeters, with all expense paid transportation and ammenities) .....Buy a motherload of machines in a temperature controlled vault in my houses and ....hire all of the people that keep this place alive, and give them a budget to keep it up and running with the sickest machines.
  3. If you guys are serious....man am I happy for you. It's sure would be nice to know a bunch of good people just hit the big one. We will surely miss this place...but I am sure with your new discretionary income you could find a way to hire someone to maintain the site....while moderating on your CDMA connection via your laptop on the new beach property you just bought in Hawaii. ....and if this really is an April fools joke....you sure have a few people with soiled underwear :eek:
  4. Now that Stalin sig is offensive!!! Seriously, that is one of the funniest things I have seen.
  5. Symantec AV Corporate + Symantec Client Firewall + Linksys router
  6. That's it snowpro....all of the BX have thermal sensors. Stick with the panaflo...the hydro wave technology is the best I have seen.
  7. That is about what I get. Ok...now that all makes sense with the temp sensors...alll seem to be reading about the same between SmartGuardian and the BIOS....but where I see a variance is in the voltage between apps and the BIOS. All of the apps say I am in the 12.09V range in the 12+ rail. 5.13V in the 5+ ...those sound pretty good to me....with no real variance (would stand to reason that the PSU is pretty stable and the power from the APC is clean)....but in the bios both rails are lower (always around 11.91-11.95 on the 12+ and 4.95 on the 5+) is there a reason for this from a load vs idle standpoint?
  8. Ah.....was wondering what you guys used to get temps on XP. Just popped on XP sp2 for a project.....some mapping stuff. Combined temp of 27 c. YEAH! Rails look real good too. In your opinion is this app more accurate than the readings I get from 623-3 bios? If so... I have NOTHING to complain about.
  9. I remember this question being asked in the past...but I can not find the thread... On average, what is the difference in the CPU0 vs CPU1 temp on an X2? On my X2 3800+, I see a temp of 28 c on CPU0 and 36 c on CPU1. Just curious if this is normal.
  10. I made the move to the 120MM fan on the MCX 6400-V and the difference is outstanding. I am using a SilenX 14dba fan, and my temps on the X2 3800+ are 29 c idle, 38 c load. The key was to give the fan some space from the helicoid pins for better airflow at the center of the heatsink. Works like a charm. Have pics of it in the mods section. I have tested the Ninja against this heatsink, and this one blew the Ninja away. $7.00 and a trip to Lowes is all it took. Once I get the M1A on there instead of the SilenX I expect to go down at least 1-2 c
  11. With your Avatar....do you even need to ask? They give a personality to everyone that has one....almost like a virtual identity. I think they add character to the forum.
  12. Man.....people are complaining about Avatars? Sheesh...some of us just can't wait to get one!
  13. I have to agree with Smokin Joe. The case does not seem to have any vent for air intake. Unless you plan on modding the front to fit a few 120MM fans, that SilverStone case is going to make a nice hotplate.
  14. Great set of sticks.....worth every penny, and I paid $224 for the pair at Newegg about 3 months ago.
  15. I plead the fifth on the grounds that I just might incriminate myself...
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