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  1. Alright, so I took the board out of the case and redid all of the TIM, so the shorting of the mobo is out of the picture. Any more ideas?
  2. I was actually replacing the VC-RE to get rid of that annoying fan, I like a quite computer. Anyways, I got away with not having to remove the board from the case, but I will double-check to make sure nothing is shorting the board. Thanks, any other suggestions?
  3. Ok, so I was changing the chipset heatsink to a new HR-05 SLI cooler from thermalright last night, and the computer was working fine beforehand. I hooked everything back up after I finished, and now the computer isn't posting. I tried removing everything except for the processor, and it posts just like it should, with the first (cpu) diag light going out and then beeping. I tried putting 1 ram module in the first orange slot (dimm2), and again, it posts just like it should, hanging with just the last light still on. I put the graphics card back in, and now the first light (cpu) blinks, short on short off long on long off, and repeat. All the fans and disc drives spin up, but I don't get any beeps or anything. I tried a second, brand new video card, and it still does it. I've done a simple, moving the jumper cmos clear, and I've done a long cmos clear following ExRoadie's directions. I am at a complete loss for ideas, so any help would be much appreciated.
  4. If this isn't where this belongs, I ask that someone please move it to the right location. A friend of mine with the same specs (except cooling) but with the x1800xt has a problem. He changed the graphics card cooler to an accelero x2, and now his system wont boot. The LED indicator lights show CPU found, then DRAM isn't with the light for CPU found blinking. He has tried reseating his RAM and reseating his GPU but has had no success. He also tried clearing CMOS. Any help with this would be great.
  5. I own the whisper 2 (535 W) and couldn't be happier with it, haven't had any problems. It's very quiet as well. Highly recommended.
  6. I've just recently acquired a 24" Dell wide-screen and love it for everything. Its performed well in anything I throw at it, be it games or movies. I highly recommend it if you can afford it.
  7. Alright, kind of a random question, but what color is zerex/hydrex?
  8. At the moment, I'm planning on mounting it in the front, although I'm thinking about switching the stacker for the thermaltake armor case instead. Which of the two cases would be better? I also am going with the Maze4 GPU block instead, and am temporarily going to postpone watercooling the chipset.
  9. I've been thinking about moving to water cooling for the system in my signature. I built the system to be low-noise, but still perform well. 1/2" fittings for everthing CPU Block- DD TDX GPU Block- Swiftech MCW60-B Chipset BLock-Swiftech MCW30 Radiator- Black Ice Stealth GT 240 Pump- DD D5 7/16" Masterkleer 2x Yate Loons DD fillport Also planning on getting a CM stacker to put all of this in. And I know that WC the chipset isn't recommended, but I already have the evercool on it, and am still unhappy with the noise/temps. What does everyone think?
  10. I've only played Battlefield 2 and Oblivion so far, but everything looks fantastic!
  11. My parents got me one of these for graduation, I am loving it. Highly Recommended :cool:
  12. I'd have to agree with Angry on this, all three of those games are a blast. If I had to pick one, I'd definetly have to go with Oblivion though, I love the huge world and the fact that I can literally do ANYTHING that I want.
  13. My temperatures are fairly similar with my 3800 x2 with my SI-120 heatsink.
  14. Hey, a friend of mine is wondering which is heatsink is best for this board: XP-120 SI-120 XP-90 He's going to be running a 3800+ x2; his whole system is fairly similar to mine in my sig. Also, what is the best fan to run with the heatsink? Thanks, LedZeppelin
  15. The SI-120 is taller than the XP-120, so yes it is fairly easy to access the memory slots, although its a little tricky in a smaller case.
  16. I'm using an SI-120 with a thermaltake fan and am very happy with my temps. On my x2 3800 (still running at 2.0ghz ), my temps are 23 idle/ 30 load. I highly recommend this heatsink. The only problem I've found is that it makes my mid-tower case seem very, very tiny
  17. I am looking into getting a new cooling system for my 1800XL because the stock one is just too loud for my liking, but I don't have any idea which one to get. I really like the design of the Artic Cooling Silence series, but don't know which one would be compatable with the 1800xl. Thanks in advance
  18. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried moving some fans and cables around, and chipset temps dropped by 10C!
  19. According to both SmartGuardian as well as BIOS and other programs, my chipset temp has been ~57C idle since i got this system set up about a week ago. My CPU temp is only ~24C and case temp is only ~43C. Is this chipset temp normal? If not, any suggestions on what I could try? Thanks
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