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  1. I went out to AMD's website and the driver listed there was dates July 06. I don't think this is new.
  2. Well I can also confirm that it's a driver issue, I removed the ULI drivers for my Raptors and went back to using the Microsoft drivers and all is well no more hang-ups. Not only that I used Sandra and ATTO to benchmark my drives and they are faster without the ULI drivers. The big problem is Nvidia will never release a fix for this due to the fact they don't use this controller on there boards only ATI did. I would suggest not using raid with this board or any board using this controller.
  3. I do know this is not an Asus support forum but we have the same problem. I have not the latest bios but next to the latest bios. Since both boards have the ULI chipset and have the same issue it is most likely not an Asus or DFI issue but an issue with the ULI controller or driver. I am sure it's the driver since my problem started right after I installed the driver. When I fix mine I will let you know what I did. Nemesis.ie what bios fixed your problem?
  4. I am having the same issue on an Asus A8R32-MVP. I am not using raid but I do have 2 74 Gig Raptors on sata 1-2. I was not having this issue until I installed the ULI drivers which I did not really need since I am not running raid. I also get the looping sound in games and it's always the same 2 quick pauses with clicking coming from the speakers then it's ok for a second then 2 quick pauses with speakers noise then it's over for about an hour then it does it again. I tried to uninstall the ULI drivers but got a blue screen so I have to put the boot drive on the SIL controller reinstall the ULI drivers then move it back to the ULI controller. I might just put the bootdrive back on the SIL controller and call it a day. It's not just DFI having this issue.
  5. Go into device manager and tell us what you see, are any of you network cards flagged? Do an ipconfig what IP do you get. There is a lot of basic trouble shooting you seem to have missed here. can you ping any www site? what does your event viewer show, any network errors?
  6. I am new to this forum and it's been awhile since I built an AMD system. I am alittle lost on a power supply for the Expert board. Can I use a 20+4 or do I need a 24 pin only? Thanks in advance Can someone recommend a good power suppply for this system: DFI expert Opty 175 3 gigs of DDR4000 OCZ 2-74 gig raptors 1- 250gig-16 meg cache not purchased yet 2 DVD burners ATI 1900XT Audigy 2 ZS scanner printer NEC FP2141sb
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