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  1. Hi all, Planning to get an X2 3800 however I'm not sure which core (Toledo or Manchester). I don't know if there is a difference and if there is can anyone tell me. Also which should I get, both are at the same price? Thanks, dhimiter
  2. And here are some Venice steppings...well not some Venice 3XXX BP: 3500+ CBBLE 0515?????? - 2705 MHZ 1.552V AIR - Rickster_64 XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516?????? - 2800 MHZ 1.680V H2O - Badge56 XS 3200+ LBBLE 0517APHW - 2850 MHZ 1.520V AIR - PITer TWEAK.PL 3200+ LBBLE 0518APDW - 2853 MHZ 1.696V H2O - htkm1 XS 3000+ LBBLE 0517APIW - 2800 MHZ 1.440V AIR - peter lu XS 3000+ LBBLE 0517APIW - 2700 MHZ 1.360V AIR - peter lu XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2800 MHZ 1.400V AIR - Burnt_Ram XS - SuperPI 32M , XP-90 + FAN 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2850 MHZ 1.450V AIR - 4rory XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2800 MHZ 1.408V AIR - D3kMatrix XS/OCforums - prime stable 8 h 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2850 MHZ 1.520V AIR - D3kMatrix XS/OCforums - prime stable 24 h 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2906 MHZ 1.550V AIR - s7e9h3n XS , SuperPI 32M stable 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2900 MHZ 1.408V H2O - musk XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2700 MHZ 1.360V ??? - jinu117 XS - prime stable 3200+ LBBLE 0515APAW - 2950 MHZ 1.500V H2O - JfRsQ XS - stable ??? , Bought from NCIX Computers, Canada 3500+ LBBLE 0516CPAW - 2754 MHZ 1.616V AIR - Dani XS - stock cooler 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2902 MHZ 1.500V AIR - SmokeyTheBandit XS 3000+ CBBLE 0504DPAW - 3000 MHZ 1.648V PC - Gorod XS 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2700 MHZ 1.360V AIR - =STE=BloodAngel XS 3000+ CBBLE 0504DPAW - 2800 MHZ 1.616V AIR - Gorod XS 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2857 MHZ 1.632V AIR - DesertShooter XS - Zalman 7700CU , stable ? 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2880 MHZ 1.520V AIR - vrtn XS - XP120 + FAN , SuperPI 16M Stable 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2800 MHZ 1.520V AIR - =STE=BloodAngel XS 3500+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2840 MHZ 1.456V PC - Onepagebook XS 3500+ CBBLE 0512DPAW - 2750 MHZ 1.660V AIR - mcbarnet007 XS 3800+ CBBLE 0507DPAW - 2906 MHZ 1.360V PC - Cranox XS 3200+ CBBLE 0504EPAW - 2800 MHZ 1.520V AIR - Kane XS 3500+ CBBLE 0504EPAW - 3003 MHZ 1.480V PC - TodB XS 3000+ LBBLE 0517EPAW - 2700 MHZ 1.475V AIR - SoboL XS - FreeZone QC-80 CU - http://www.esc.pl/index.php - prime stable 3000+ LBBLE 0517EPAW - 2925 MHZ 1.522V AIR - Vosh tweak.pl - 12 h prime stable , Freezer64 + AS5 , BEST CPU IVE SEEN 3000+ LBBLE 0517EPAW - 2961 MHZ 1.616V AIR - Vosh tweak.pl - 12 h prime stable , Freezer64 + AS5 , BEST CPU IVE SEEN 3000+ LBBLE 0517EPAW - 2781 MHZ 1.480V AIR - Pure tweak.pl - stock cooler , prime stable 3000+ LBBLE 0517EPAW - 2942 MHZ 1.580V H2O - wampir XS - SuperPI 16 M stable 3000+ LBBLE 0516EPAW - 2700 MHZ 1.552V AIR - SDX XS - XP120 + FAN , prime stable 3500+ LBBLE 0515FPAW - 2850 MHZ 1.648V AIR - Joe Camel XS 3500+ LBBLE 0515FPAW - 2750 MHZ 1.440V AIR - Tibu XS 3500+ LBBLE 0515FPAW - 2900 MHZ 1.648V AIR - Tibu XS 3800+ LBBLE 0515GPAW - 2856 MHZ 1.488V H2O - Jaco XS - 14h prime stable 3000+ LBBLE 0516GPAW - 2754 MHZ 1.504V ??? - Trevor XS - prime stable 3000+ LBBLE 1516EPHW - 2700 MHZ 1.536V AIR - MassiveOverkill amdforums 3200+ LBBLE 0517BPEW - 2845 MHZ 1.376V H2O - Fintas-XP XS 3200+ LBBLE 0517BPEW - 2800 MHZ 1.560V AIR - KamE38 XS - stock cooler stable 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPEW - 2800 MHZ 1.616V AIR - vapb400 XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPEW - 2700 MHZ 1.700V AIR - Deus Falsus XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPEW - 2650 MHZ 1.584V AIR - dnottis XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.664V AIR - HousERaT XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2765 MHZ 1.744V AIR - trans am XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.750V AIR - clockedOut XS - NOT STABLE 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.488V AIR - stang8118 Ocforums 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2808 MHZ 1.664V AIR - stang8118 Ocforums 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2610 MHZ 1.568V AIR - patrck17 Ocforums 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2475 MHZ 1.472V AIR - JDizzle Ocforums 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.400V H2O - Craptacualr Ocforums 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2765 MHZ 1.648V AIR - TheMeatFrog XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2450 MHZ 1.520V AIR - Geforce4ti4200 XS - 2500 NOT STABLE 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2610 MHZ 1.488V AIR - shiznit93 XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.552V H2O - ociadotnet XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2600 MHZ 1.632V H20 - bmaffin13 XS - 12+ Hours prime stable 3800+ CBBLE 0513CPBW - 2750 MHZ 1.500V AIR - Seriola XS - stock cooler - prime stable 5h 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPBW - 2630 MHZ 1.536V AIR - Skratch XS - stock cooler 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPBW - 2901 MHZ 1.680V H2O - mongoled XS 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPBW - 2916 MHZ 1.664V H2O - Jimbo Mahoney XS 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPBW - 2922 MHZ 1.580V AIR - Torman XS - stock cooler 3000+ CBBLE 0512DPBW - 2826 MHZ 1.500V H2O - xpr-k XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516EPBW - 2160 MHZ 1.400V AIR - PURE TWEAK.PL - EXTREME BAD 3000+ LBBLE 0516EPBW - 2860 MHZ 1.730V H2O - Yotomeczek TEAK.PL 3000+ LBBLE 0516EPBW - 2806 MHZ 1.600V H2O - Yotomeczek TEAK.PL 3200+ LBBLE 0515FPBW - 27500 MHZ 1.450V ??? - oasked XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515FPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.408V AIR - Techwarrior XS - 24 h prime stable , XP-90 + FAN 3200+ LBBLE 0515FPBW - 2800 MHZ 1.552V AIR - Techwarrior XS - 24 h prime stable , XP-90 + FAN 3500+ LBBLE 0515FPBW - 2972 MHZ 1.648V AIR - charlie XS - Hyper6 , bought from monarch 3000+ LBBLE 0516GPBW - 2808 MHZ 1.552V H2O - arj XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515GPBW - 2800 MHZ 1.392V H2O - H2OGun XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515GPBW - 3000 MHZ 1.600V H2O - H2OGun XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515GPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.450V AIR - bonzer XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515GPBW - 2929 MHZ 1.664V AIR - PcCI2iminal XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515GPBW - 2700 MHZ 1.328V ??? - leotonch XS - prime stable 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPCW - 2610 MHZ 1.650V AIR - KamE38 XS - stock cooler stable 3000+ LBBLE 0516CPCW - 2600 MHZ 1.550V AIR - Vroom - from Trend4PC.de XS 3800+ LBBLE 0516CPCW - 2751 MHZ 1.460V H2O - Computersmsa Bel-Hardware.be 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2840 MHZ 1.660V ??? - TheMeatFrog XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2763 MHZ 1.664V AIR - politenessman XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2808 MHZ 1.580V AIR - Rubescen XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2670 MHZ 1.700V AIR - Deus Falsus XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2500 MHZ 1.550V AIR - Dermen Ocforums 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2700 MHZ 1.456V AIR - Ziku TWEAK.PL 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2700 MHZ 1.504V AIR - 4X4N XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2800 MHZ 1.696V AIR - Wayway XS 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2670 MHZ 1.700V AIR - Deus Falsus amdforums 3200+ LBBLE 0516EPGW - 2700 MHZ 1.568V H2O - aMp XS 3200+ LBBLE 0515EPGW - 2800 MHZ 1.504V ??? - daddy_fizz XS - prime stable 2h 3800+ CBBLE 0513CPDW - 2950 MHZ 1.664V ??? - kamui XS 3800+ CBBLE 0513CPDW - 2929 MHZ 1.650V H2O - xxmartin XS 3800+ CBBLE 0513CPDW - 2700 MHZ 1.360V PC - spiritedandy Ocforums 3000+ LBBLE 0515FPDW - 2845 MHZ 1.530V AIR - sinsinking XS - Hyper6 3000+ LBBLE 0512FPDW - 2700 MHZ 1.480V ??? - SillySider03 - prime stable 3000+ LBBLE 0516DPMW - 2712 MHZ 1.536V H2O - zwierzak24dg TWEAK.PL 3000+ LBBLE 0516DPMW - 2627 MHZ 1.536V ???? - zwierzak24dg TWEAK.PL 3000+ LBBLE 0516DPMW - 2745 MHZ 1.550V AIR - VerB TWEAK.PL 3000+ LBBLE 0516DPMW - 2844 MHZ 1.648V H2O - Mardok TWEAK.PL 3500+ LBBLE 0516DPMW - 2700 MHz 1.550V H2O - Sillen XS 3000+ LBBLE 0517EPMW - 2700 MHZ 1.376V AIR - qk4722 XS - prime stable 3800+ CBBLE 0504EPMW - 3306 MHZ 1.664V PC - s7e9h3n , Mach2 3000+ LBBLE 0515FPMW - 2808 MHZ 1.600V AIR - askimo XS 3000+ LBBLE 0516EPKW - 2700 MHZ 1.696V AIR - Cornelious0_0 XS 3200+ LBBLE 0517BPDW - 3201 MHZ 1.608V DICE - Dj_Rudy XS - stable ?? 3000+ LBBLE 0516DPJW - 2800 MHZ 1.568V AIR - UCmajewski XS - stock cooler
  3. Recently I have had much trouble with this processor. It's a Venice 3500+. I am currently running it at 2.61GHz with 1.6V vcore (which I think is a bit high for this mild OC) and I am wondering if anyone else has this same CPU and has had more luck with it. Thanks!
  4. The temps might just be because I have a Thermaltake Shark case and it's practically coverless. Also, my A64 cooler fan was not running at max (during which temps climbed as high as 54C) but when I forced it to run at max, the temps dropped significantly. I am using SpeedFan for measuring the temps and I just got CoreTemp but they are both reading the same temp within 1-2C while running prime95's torture test (and while idle). Looks like the Opteron might have to wait!
  5. Okay...some results finally. Fortunately (and unfortunately) one of my RAM sticks failed as I am not able to boot into windows with both, and when I try each, one does not allow me to boot (everything at stock speeds), but the manufacturer is replacing both since they no longer manufacture these (so I'm getting DDR700 capable RAM ). So, now that I have 512MB of RAM, i tried again to OC the CPU. I eventually got to 2.61GHz @1.6 vcore. Temps are around 45C load and I'm happy with that. More voltage did not allow 2.63GHz, so I think I've found the max. Windows however will only boot when the command rate is 2T (regardless of the timings of the RAM). I'm okay with that but does anyone have any recommendations about this. I have a feeling the CPU is the limiting factor here, but I have been wrong all along. Memory (the 512MB) is being run at 580MHz 2.5-4-4-8.
  6. Well, the memory manufacturer recommends 2.9V so I don't think I'm going too high. Also, the memory is not running at stock latencies. It is rated for 2.5-4-4-8 2T @DDR600, but I was able to run it at DDR600 at 2.5-4-3-6 1T. I'm sure it would have no trouble hitting stock speeds and latencies with the manufacturer recommended voltage. Also, the link you gave has the same guide I have used (three times now) so I don't think I'm messing anything up because of the quality of the guide. In answer to your question, yes I am finding the max RAM separately from max CPU. I think I'm going to give up on this processor and buy myself an Opteron. Thanks for all the help!
  7. I took the advice and started the entire process over. I read Kakaroto's guide and began with the memory. I got it to work at DDR600 with pretty tight timings (Tref 3072 was the only one that seemed to work for me...I tried 4708 but that gave me a few errors). As far as the voltage goes, the guide did mention that new TCCD's run at higher voltages and I can indeed confirm this as I was able to run error free only at ~3.1V. The memory OC was done with a relatively low CPU speed and HyperTransport speed. Getting the CPU to stock speeds (or as close as I could since HTT was at 237 by the time I was done with the RAM) I went ahead and booted (or tried to). In every instance I got a hardware fault error message in the BSOD. By every instance I mean every time I upped the vcore by a bit however nothing seemed to work. This is by far the most stubborn AMD I have owned. Even my old Winchester could do 2.5GHz but then again not many CPU's are created equal. Thanks for all the help everyone! At this point I am almost ready to give up unless anyone else has any fresh ideas.
  8. Well, I have tried 240 HTT with 10 multiplier and 3:2 mem to HTT divisor and that got me nowhere. And also almost all memory settings I got from reading the memory overclocking guide paying attention to TCCD settings. Is there anything else I ought to try? Thanks, Dhimiter
  9. Well regarding my last post, the setup used was the same setup as I have now (just a different 3500+ but same DFI board and PSU). Here are the settings that I have tried and have not worked. FSB 300MHz LDT/FSB x4.0 (also tried x3.0) LDT Bus Transfer 16 16 CPU/FSB x8.0 (tried 7 with 300FSB) PCIe 100 (have tried 110, 112) CPU VID startUp 1.45 (have tried 1.4, 1.5, 1.55, 1.6) CPU VID 1.45 (tried 1.4, 1.5, 1.55, 1.6 ...didn't want to go higher) LDT Voltage 1.30V Chipset 1.7V (have tried both 1.5 and 1.6, never went to 1.8) DRAM (2.8V ...actual voltage is 2.87) DRAM Divider 1:1 CPC Disabled (have tried Enabled) CAS 2.5 (have tried 3 at DDR600, however this turned out worse than 2.5) RAS to CAS 4 Trp 4 Tras 8 Trc 12 Trfc 16 Trrd 3 Twr 3 Twtr 2 (also tried 1) Trwt 3 Tref 3072 odd divisor correct disabled (tried enabled) DRAM Bank Interleave disabled (tried enabled) DQS Skew Auto DQS Skew Value 0 DRAM Drive strength Auto (tried 5) DRAM data drive strength Auto (tried 2) Max async lat. 8.0 nsec DRAM response time Normal Read Preamble 5.5nsec Idcle Cycle Limit 64 cycles Dynamic couter disable (tried enable) R/W queue bypass 16x Bypass max 07x 32 byte granularity Disable 4 bursts One setting allowed me to boot to windows only then to be met with BSOD, however it did boot. Strangely, a CAS of 3 was worse than CAS 2.5. Computer failed to boot when multiplier was set to 7 resulting in a clock speed of 2100MHz.
  10. Yes, I have followed the guide. My previous A64 was a Winchester core and ran fine overclocked (@2.5GHz) and I was using the same PSU. As far as having overclocked this CPU, I have tried but not successfully. I have been able to boot into windows XP @ 2.7GHz but that failed prime95 in 1 minute and this was a few months ago. So, no, this CPU has never been overclocked. But the problem isn't just the clock speeds it's the memory controller too. The memory I am using has been run on other setups at better-than-advertised speeds so it should not be the problem. Also, memtest does not show any errors. I would think that I would be able to get something out of this processor. I'm afraid it doesn't even do 30MHz over stock. Also, does there exist a BIOS that will let me do 3:2 for mem to bus? My current BIOS only has a 5:4 divider. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I hope someone can help here, because I'm losing sleep over the fact that my expensive DDR600 memory is on vacation and running at a sluggish 400MHz. That being the least of my troubles, my 3500+ Venice is not overclocking AT ALL. I can't even run it @ 2300 MHz (at any voltage). Something tells me there is something wrong here. The CPU is fantastic at stock as I am able to achieve 1.5CAS on my memory, but Vista needs a boost and I don't want to upgrade. I am using the 406 BIOS on my LanParty Ultra-D (although I have tried this with other BIOS'es). BTW the memory is error free at all speeds that I have tried (I think the highest was 650MHz) using memtest. The PC posts but no boot (BSOD with some hardware fault mumbo-jumbo). As said, I am only able to run my setup at stock and it hurts. HELP!
  12. Hi guys, just got a replacement for my old Winchester from AMD (faulty memory controller). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the replacement has a Venice core. As much as I appreciate the memory controller and the new instruction set, the CPU doesn't seem to overclock well. Here's what I've tried so far. First trial I tried setting the clock to 2.7 GHz, that was with a 300 Mhz bus (I have DDR600 RAM). I adjusted the CPU voltage to 1.65 V (I know it's high, but I thought so was the clock speed). The memory was run at 200 MHz (with 3:2 divider) at 1.5-2-2-5 @ 1T. I also adjusted the LDT voltage to 1.3V and the chipset voltage to 1.6V. I was able to boot into windows after several trials, and was able to start prime95. The test failed within the first second. CPU temps were fine, 23 idle, 38 load (i'm sure it would have gone higher if the test didn't fail). Next I tried 2.6 GHz (260MHz Bus, memory was run at 2.5-3-3-6 1T). This time I reduced the CPU voltage to 1.612 V, while LDT and chipset remained the same (1.3V and 1.6V respectively). The computer booted again, this time allowing prime to run for about 3 minutes, at which point it produced an error. The CPU has one or two instabilities at 2.5GHz (sometimes, it will restart randomly but has only happened twice). At all clock speeds the memory has not produced any error in Memtest. I have let it run for 3-4 hours on memtest intermittently between overclocks and no errors whatsoever. LDT multiplier has been held at 3x. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Any comments appreciated Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I just updated my BIOS to the new official release from DFI. After flashing with Winflash (64 bit version) once prompted to restart, I hit "yes" and it did shut down, however when windows tried to load, it couldn't. The status bar under the windows logo just went on and on. I left it like that for a few hours with no luck. I thought it was the OS, so I try to repair it with the original CD, but after copying the files I would get the blue screen with error messages that varied every time. More recently, the installation cannot copy all the files from the CD, it tells me that some file is corrupt, although each time it's a different file and sometimes it copies the file that the previous attempt declared corrupt. The RAM and CPU were all at stock speeds (DDR400), timings and voltages (2.5 -4-4-8 at 2.6V). I am testing the RAM now at DDR600 at 2.5-3-3-6 1T 2.7V with CPU at 2701MHz at 1.525V and no errors. I had my brother run the Check Disk Utility on the hard drive and had the option for fixing errors checked, however that did not seem to help because I still have the same problem. I also tried a different hard drive and I got a corrupt file error while trying to install windows. I also used the Tmod BIOS CD and flashed to several of the NF4 BIOS'es, however the same problem persisted. Any ideas as to what's happening here? Thanks
  14. Hey guys, I'm hopefully buying an Opty 165 soon, and wanted to know where you guys got your 165's. Also is there a retailer or retailers that carry the high OC'ing Opty 165's? I understand that it's a "luck" thing when getting your processor, however I just wanted to see if there was a pattern of retailers that sell the better Opterons. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the quick posts. I was just unsure if DFI boards keep the PCI bus independent of CPU Bus speeds. On my last ASUS board, there was an option to lock the PCI bus to the CPU or to 33 Mhz or Auto. I don't see that option. I wish I had more PCI cards since this problem is evident only on my sound card. My brother used to own this sound card and he never had a problem with it for 8 months. I gave him mine (I had an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum and he had a plain 2 ZS). What I'm trying to say that the sound card should be fine unless something has happened the past month. As far as power consumption, I have measured the load while gaming and it never exceeds 240 Watts so I don't think I'm short on power. The 420 rated on the power supply is indeed continuous and not peak. Thanks again, and I will keep researching on this topic...
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