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  1. Stromboli

    Expert and SLI

    Sorry Blaise, I think that it is 11/07 BIOS, at least thats what I've got on hand... So your FX-60 is not identified? Does that affect it in windows though?
  2. Stromboli

    Expert and SLI

    I have tried all BIOS revisions since 11/02, and all except 11/02 don't work. My GPU's were bought at the same time, and according to the screen before POST messages upon startup, they are the same BIOS. But it is interesting that the 11/17 bios works for you...
  3. Stromboli

    Expert and SLI

    There is a thread running about the DFI SLI-DR Expert problems with SLI and the BIOS here All up? The 11/02 BIOS is probably the only stable BIOS when running SLI.
  4. I have just tried the 04/06 BIOS after ChinoZ32 reminded me The BIOS DOES NOT FIX MY issues with SLI. In fact, it makes the board very unstable. The BIOS was registering the CPU Core temp at -86 and thus not running my CPU Fan headers. I had to use an alternate header just to boot into windows and revert back to the 11-02 BIOS. Good thing I noticed that my CPU fan was not spinning, otherwise I could have cooked my FX-57... My advice to ChinoZ32 and anyone else, use the 11/02 BIOS if you have SLI, or if you want stability in general. And a word to the DFI techs; this is now beyond a joke...
  5. Very interesting to here mate - will give it a shot
  6. This problem has me mystified - my total and heartfelt thanks go Muppet for telling me what the problem actually was. I was about to put an axe through the mobo and go back to ASUS. I hope that DFI sought it out in a future release. I just wanted to report that the 11/02 BIOS has no problems whatsoever - I can play every game that I have without any crashes. I would also like to warn potential purchasors of this board about this problem with SLI and the eXpert board. Remember to use the 11/02 BIOS. Just a question though, does the 11/02 BIOS support the FX-60?
  7. The new BIOS didn't help the crashing issue - had to revert back to the 11/02 BIOS and now it is stable. Wouldn't have a clue as to why the later BIOS don't seem to like SLI...
  8. Muppet - the new BIOS doesn't fix the problem. I tried it and FEAR and HL2 still crash. I took your advice and went with the 11/02 BIOS and the 84.21 forceware drivers and now (finally) it is rock solid
  9. Same here - the 12/07 BIOS didn't seem to like the 84.21 Forceware drivers and would cause my system to lock up, or give the "out of range" error. I reverted back to the 81.98 drivers without problems... I might give it a try and see what happens.
  10. So what your saying is that there are incompatibility issues with the 12/07 BIOS and the 84.21 drivers, or just incompatibility issues generally with forceware drivers? I have had no problems since reverting back to the 81.98 drivers, no crashes or lock-ups, and until I do I might just stick to my current setup...
  11. I was having the same various problems posted above. Prime95 would run stable for days but any Direct3D App would hang, giving me a black screen, and my monitor would report either "no signal" or "out of range" I tried everything I could think of, lower resolutions, unistalling anti-virus, firewalls and anti-spyware, disabling all startup programs and services etc and nothing worked... Until I uninstalled the 84.21 drivers and reinstalled the 81.98 drivers. Now, no problems whatsoever. Running perfectly stable. I think that there is an issue with the 84.21 drivers and SLI...
  12. Stromboli

    Expert chipset temp with SLI...hot!

    Well I fixed my problem by adding another 120mm fan on the side panel of my case - temps dropped dramatically, the chipset is down from 55-60 degress celcius to 45 under full load. The GPU's have gone down too - from 80 degrees celcius under full load to 68... Abudoggie - you have the right idea, the 512Mb 7800's don't expel so much heat into the case. They are still not available here in Australia, otherwse I probably would have bought one...
  13. A lot of the problems seem to be from the Z503's. My L503's have had no problems like I said. It is interesting though to see so many people with dead RAM, which leads me to think that there must have been a bad batch somewhere... I had to by mine online since I am in Australia, and only one store stocks them - luckily it is local. What I noticed was that the batch numbers change very often with crucial products - and so does their list of supporting motherboards. When I first bought the Crucial, my old ASUS A8N-SLI premium was supported at DDR500, but when the new batches were shipped, Crucial withdrew their support for DDR500 and downscaled it to DDR400. If you have a look on their website, DFI aren't listed as supported motherboards. This is more than likely due to *possibly* bad batched that were released....
  14. I read this post very carefully before deciding to buy Crucial - I did, Crucial Ballisitx Tracer, and so far no problems. Running kit BL12864L503.16TD at DDR500 3-4-4-8 1T 2.8v for over a month with no problems. Anything tighter than 3-4-4-8 at DDR500 will fail memtest and Prime 95, so will running it at anything over DDR500. Upping the voltage doesn't seem to help either...