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  1. @ekjr Thanks for your help... Woohoooo!!!.... It's time to upgrade to Opteron 165!
  2. Guys.... how about Opteron 165? can i run this proc properly with my DFI NF3 Ultra-D????? Help me pls.... i need this information ... to upgrade my system
  3. Dear Deanorth, so, it means that NF3 Ultra (939)...not compatible with Opteron 165 (dual core) right??
  4. is NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP support for Opteron 165 (dual-core)? Which bios version???
  5. I like to buy an Opteron 165 (dual-core) for upgrade my system. Is NF3 Ultra-D (939) supporting this Opteron 165? I mean... it will recognizes Opteron 165 cleary or just "unknown" proc.? thanks for your help regards, Bonk
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