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  1. It's Sata? I know that IDE drives don't like sharing channels..but if it's sata....that's weird.
  2. Just go by what you set it to. It should be VERY close to that. But, the BIOS is usually closer than CPU-z or anything else
  3. I'm pretty sure the CD and the website have the same driver version. But thanks, I'll try that later.
  4. Anyone have ANY ideas? Come on guys...it's getting annoying having to unplug my camera every time I boot.
  5. Ya, but I'd like for my computer to just....work. Isn't there a way to delay the driver from loading immediately? Can noone answer my questions?
  6. USB drivers...not camera drivers...I have the newest drivers for the camera.
  7. Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted... Anyways, I have been having trouble with my Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000. When I boot up, it gets past the windows loading screen, but it stops and stays black. It doesn't bother me if I unplug the camera before booting, though.... I was wondering....how do I update the USB drivers? I have the newest chipset drivers from Nvidia...but I dono if that includes them....or if they're separate...never really put much thought into the USB drivers before. Also, is there some sort of way to make the camera drivers delay until after the startup, so that it doesn't screw up?
  8. Add a notch to your ldt? That usually helps.
  9. It's definitely worth it. I got 7 degrees load lower with the removal of my IHS. Plus the IHS makes a killer key-chain.
  10. Ya man, chill out. This is just a slow forum for the most part. People don't post 5000 replies a minute, but they do post good ones if you ask the right questions.
  11. I tested it under full load. Dead on. The other PSU should still work. It was before I took it out. But, it's not going back in...that was way too much work
  12. Anyone know anything that could be wrong? Is there a way to more evenly balance the rails?
  13. Temps arethe same. This is the most efficient PSU I've ever seen to be honest. I think maybe it's load imbalance, because the other day trying out some higher vcore it turned off when I got to the blue bar loading page. I'm gonna try moving some connectors around tonight... If it doesn't work, I may have to RMA and get a single rail PSU, as dual rails are stupid and useless.
  14. Naw. My rails are dead on, and don't fluctuate. Must be something else.
  15. Hey guys. Just upgraded from the Ultra to this nice shiny new Seasonic s12-600HT. Problem is....now my overclock of 2610 (166) is not prime stable anymore. I don't know what to do. I've tried tinkering a little with voltages, but it's not helping much. Any help? Anything I should try first? EDIT: Forgot to add. My graphics card overclock is shot to hell too. Could this be load imbalancing? Or is this just a case of a p.o.s. PSU? The rails are dead on, and rock solid, but 18A may not be enough on the dual rails....what do you think?
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