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  1. I have a NC and I'm currently at 250x 10 and it is prime stable...I doubt it will go higher...
  2. Oh yeah...but I'm at 1.62 v right now and the temp are still okay 37-39 at idle and 47-49 at load...using occt....
  3. Hey everyone...I also have the same setup up as you VitaV...I really cant go pass 2500..I have a performance Ram and all, however when I go past 2500 my computer wont boot up...I guess a 3000+ Newcastle's max out at 2500... :shake:
  4. hellasvagabond You have already a great overclock. You could put higher timings : 3-5-5-10 to get up to 280 but for what ? In our days the GPU matters far more than the CPUs mhz. Specifically i got 3fps increase in most games going from 2000 to 2500mhz. Not worth it if you ask me. Put your ram at 3-4-4-7-1T and leave it like that. I dont think I have a great overclock. Because I see some people having 2600 or 2700.
  5. Hey guys I jsut got my new set of G.skill 2 gb....First I would like to know how to start to play with the setting...because I cant go past 250 FSB...and I know I need to play around the mem timings? thanks in advance. :nod:
  6. Hey guys Ithink I found the problem...I just changed my Pci to agp latency using Latcfg to 32 and I am now scoring 11895 in 3dmark03.
  7. Msmolt- Oh okay thanks for the suggestion...anyway I'm still wondering why I am getting a low score compared to my old setup that has the same ram timings. Is there something wrong with what I'm doing? This is frutrating... :confused:
  8. Weird someone took out my post in this topic.?
  9. Oh yeah sorry its not 3dmark05 its 03. My setup before was only overclocked upto 220 and the ram timings are all set to auto. I can score 11000+ before do you really think it is because of my ram? anyway I think I gonna get rid of my ram and get this G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit System Memory * Model #: F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ Is this a good ram for OC'ing?
  10. Okay thanks... I have another question...I installed my geil ram again and it seems to be working fine...anyway..I ran 3dmark05 my score was 9820 which is lower compared to my old setup...why is it like that? I am currently running at 247 @1.62 and my ram freq is set 150 and all the rest are in auto...can someone help me? This is frustrating...
  11. Okay what kind of ram is good? I cant seem to find a store over the new that sells that kind of PSU...
  12. I am now currently running 2.47 fsb @1.62 and it was stable while testing it with occt and super pi. I am thinking about getting an OCZ Gold Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit System Memory. Is this a good set of ram? One more thing should I also change my PSU?
  13. can anyone give me his/her opinion pls....I am currently @ 247fsb; 1.62V ram freq @ 100(1/02). My question is do I still have to go higher just to test my max Cpu or 247 is enough. Another thing the reason why I got pass 230 is that I took off my cheap Geil ram. Is it my ram module or my psu thats why my computer was unstable before? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey Tebajo...thanks for replying...anyway I am now at 245 @ 1.62with my ram freq st at 100(1/02) I just want to isolate my cpu so that I could test it's maximum capacity.....It is also prime stable....I tested it for almost 11 hours...no errors... I will now try to go higher with my crappy PSU. I would also recommend the artic cooling freezer 64 pro its a good cpu cooler my temp went down by 10C compared to my old cooler. MSMOLT- I finally got the info on my hyperx it says KHX3200A
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