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  1. Considering the lack of intrest and/or support for this problem, I guess I'm going to have to conclude that the controller is defective. Too bad; up 'til now, I've had nothing but happy thoughts about this board and it's features. Taking into account all the rapid and generally helpful advice I've seen the past several months on this forum, I'm a little dissapointed that I can't get this probalem solved..but I guess you win some and you lose some.
  2. May I ask what version drivers you're are using in Windows and what the BIOS on your SiL 3114 is? Also, is it safe to assume that you set up your OS on your SiL RAID? A little different than what I'm trying to do, but you would have had to F4 into the SiL BIOS and set up your RAID just like I'm trying to...I wonder if it just doesn't like my 500gb Seagate drives.... I know there is a BIOS update for my controller, (I have 5.2.16. 5.3.14 is the most recent I can find) but the BIOSFlash utility from the SiL site seems only to work with an add-in PCI to SATA card. I assume it could also be part of an updated Expert BIOS, but haven't seen that yet. Wish I could get this going, a terabyte is a terrible thing to waste....
  3. Just wondering, has anyone successfully set up a RAID of any variety on the SiL 3114 on the Expert board?
  4. Using 3x300 RAID 5 on the NV controller. Want to set up another RAID 5 (3x500) on the SiL 3114, but can't get it to work right.
  5. Thanks, JoeWho, but I've already got my O.S. installed on the Nvidia controller. I"m trying to set up another RAID for storage on the Sil 3114 controller. I think this is a problem with the BIOS of the SATA controller. It sees my physical drives but won't let me join them in any combination into a logical drive. Anyone got any other ideas? Ian
  6. Hi. Got a couple new SATA drives (3x500) and want to set them up as a raid 5 on the Silicon 3114 controller. After booting, I F4 into the controller setup; it sees my drives, and gives me the options of various raid configs. I choose any one, it askes me if I'm sure, and then thinks for a while (a long time for a 3 drive raid 0, a shorter time for a 2 disk miror), and then brings me back to the menu. No logical drives ever appear, and the next time I boot (and every time thereafter) it lists the three drives, says "no valid device" and boots into windows as usual (on my Nforce sata raid). I have the Sil 3114 settings in the Genie Bios set to RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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