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  1. i thought, beacsaue in the manule it said they were both 16x, ide get 16x from both...and only get 8x when there joined using sli or other. like u said i swapped the jumpers over, which btw is bloody hard, and now its running at 8x, still not 16x but nvm. and considering theres not much differnce im not botherd
  2. hi guys, the other day i swapped my card over between the two slots, (so now its in PCIE4) but for some reason in the nvidia drivers it says the card is only running at 2x i think i may be loosing some speed, becasue before i could get 91k on aquamark now i only get 86k. before you ask, i had to swap them over becase my cheapo watercooling kit has side mounting pipes, and they would have pushed against the card if i had it in the closer slot. any ideas?
  3. when i first installed the mobo, the defult settings were utterly unstable.... then i found stable-ish settings for what my ram was recommended, now i just went my own way..seams to be best. cheers for those settings ill keep them in mind, are there any other things i should turn on/off which could casuse instabulity on the dfi?
  4. ok, ill give the best description i can....uno when u boot the pc up and it says "backing up bios....ok" or summat, mine locks there. however ive been tweeking the ram just, and i found if i just forget about the timings, (becasue im used to "MUST SET TIMINGS LOW") and set them to 3-2-3-8 i get it pretty much stable. the ram is running at 237Mhz @ 2.8v, and the cpu at 2610 @1.5v..with this config i get more ram bandwidth than i did at 200Mhz 2-2-2-8 and i get a much faster cpu as i can actaully ratio the ram. btw, drivers all off the mobo cd, havnt bothered with them yet.. and bios ive been thu about 9. now im back to the recent offical one from DFI.
  5. brilliant issnt it, brought this board just over 2 weeks ago...very unstable so i brought a new psu and now..its just as bad. what i carnt understand is why stock on this board is totally unstable. were mainly talking about the ram, any1 know where to focus my setting changes? ive been spending hours and hours on this pc changing ram settings, just need some help now, my brain hurts
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