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  1. Yea my roommate built his system a day before me with the Asus A8N32 SLI x16 and installed everything on the first try with no problems here I am about 5 days later I haven't even got to play any games yet on mine (we are both gamers). I look like a huge butt/idiot and of the two of us I'm suppose to be the one who knows about computers! If it wasn't for all the time and enegry I spent put this all together I'd return it right now and get that mobo, honestly if I can I'll do it in the next day or two if things don't start working right, this is getting ridilious though! :mad:
  2. Yes I'm posting yet another problem with my "wonderful" mobo. Anyone know why my Microsoft Wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set won't work with the Expert mobo? It uses a USB receiver. I tested a wired USB keyboard and that worked but I connected the receiver and makes the USB connection noise twice then after 15 sec or so it makes the USB disconnect noise twice. And when I use the software for either it detects it and all but then it won't respond at all? Is there a BIOS setting I'm missing or maybe turned off on accident? I've installed ALL the drivers for this damn mobo and I'm still having problem with it. PLZ HELP, I'm getting SUPER ticked off. I've spent 4 days so far trying to get this thing running right
  3. I can afford it but I don't think any others would fit, since it's in a tight space between the two cards
  4. I got a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR SLI Expert and the thing so far has given me more headaches than I thought possible. First it was getting the SLI set up which I finally figured out with no thx to bad instructions. Plus since I've been using it the chipset idle temp is 50-52C thx to it be poorly placed right between to videocards with the hot exhaust air pooring right out into it and I have had it crash already when the temp reached 56C. And now I can't get my wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work. I've never had any problems with them on 4 different computers and everytime I connect them on this one it does nothing!!!! I've double checked the BIOS, tried the CD and newest downloaded versions of the software/drivers (uses intellitype and intellimouse software) and still nothing! Is this typically of this mobo or am I just thee most unluckly person in the world! GRRRRR :mad:
  5. No but 56C did while running 3DMark03 right after running 06 and 05 all in a row. Which I don't know about you but that would seem like a normal day of gaming and it already locked up?!
  6. I'm curious if anyone else has this problem or if it's just me. I'm using a DFI LP UT NF4 DR SLI Expert mobo with two XFX 7800GTs in SLI and my chipset temp is idle at 50C! I realized the reason for this is because if you look right at the fan on the chipset, to the left the hot air is coming right out of the top video card and being fed right into the chipset fan and on to the right is the SATAII and IDE connections which even with the cables bent as far back as possible the connectors still stick out and block the air flow of the air coming in trhough the front of the case! And of course it is blocked by air from top and bottom because the chipset is pancaked right between them towards the end of the cards! So I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem or not or if any one has an suggestions. To me this seems like a HORRIBLE place to throw a chipset. I've already had my system lock up once half way through 3DMark03
  7. THANK YOU EVERYONE! Uninstalled the display drivers, installed both cards, linked them, changed setting in BIOS, reinstalled display drivers and now it FINALLY works! Sheeesh. Ran 3DMark03 real quick and got 24560 but I don't have my X-Fi installed yet so maybe (maybe) that'll help a bit. But this Opteron 165 dual-core runs at 1.8Ghz stock and my score is just 500 under my roommates score and he has almost the same set up except for he has Asus A8N32 SLI x16 and a A64 (single core) 4000+ San Diego core stock at 2.4Ghz! So I'd say I didn't do to bad! Off to install my sound card and play a game before I get to bed
  8. Well despite what my sig says I haven't installed the sound card yet I wanted to get this SLI going first. I completely connected all of those things from the start (even the little 4pin FDD one). I was just about to uninstall the drivers, change the BIOS setting and reinstall. I hope to god this works. Thx for the help, wish me luck
  9. Yea that is the one I have plugged into. The same spot as if I had just one card. I see all the pre windows stuff fine
  10. I'm new here, this is my first post. I was told to come here as this is thee place for DFI questions. I just got the last parts to build my system yesterday and after many a shaky start I'm better than where I was yesterday but I still can NOT get SLI to work on my DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR SLI Expert mobo. I would put both in there and link them up start up windows and in device manager it would show two 7800GTs but under the SLI menu it said something to the effect of "Please remove any non-SLI compatible hardware and retry". I thought maybe one of the video cards was bad so I tried each individually and they work fine. So I finally figured out the instructions and that the "Select the SLI Mode in the BIOS" actually refered too the numbers next to the diagrams of the mobo. So hooked both up again, linked, set the BIOS setting get to the windows loading screen and then it just goes black and does nothing! Doesn't even go to windows because with single cards when it hits windows the fan goes super silent and these were both just blowing away. I updated the BIOS even though I already had the latest, installed every driver known to man just about and I'm still at a lose for words! I have no idea what to do, I had read so many great reviews about this and yet nothing of this problem? Any and all help would be super appreciated! Thanks!
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