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  1. I just want a good straightforward board that will teach me the ways of computes, but not school me at it............ After doing tons of homework on building a computer for the first time I have a few things set-the case, vga, psu, optical drives etc. however, the ram cpu and motherboard decisions have been giving me tons of trouble and like Kerry I keep flip flopping damnit! I want an x2 cpu so am either going to get the 3800+ and OC it (but am totally terrified of doing that since even if I do a mild OC I will have to mess with voltages and ram and fsb crap which despite hours of reading I still don't fully get) or the 4200 which I will leave at stock. I like the Lanparty boards because everyone says they are reliable and generally can just do a lot, and there is great tech help for em on forums like street. BUT Are they really user friendly boards?? I read these are not 'plug and play' boards, which I interpret as spending hours and hours trying to get my floppy disk read, or my cpu recognized, or ram to its proper settings....something I don't have the knowledge to set right much less tweak. I like the Lanparty UT Ultra-D, would you recomend that to a noob building a computer for the first time? Or honestly would you recomend another board that is easier to use, like say the epox 9npa+ or some asus a8n board? I think I might want to try and OC a 3800+ to a 4200+ spec (200mhz more) would a noob be able to pull that off with basic corsair low latency ram (2-3-3-6 timings, model Twinx2048-3200c2pt) and a bit more research? Since I think lower latency ram is better than higher timings but faster ram...at that point it gets really confusing for me and complicated. I just want a mobo that I will understand, and might allow me to do some minor OCing. Is the Ultra D the board for me?
  2. The mobo I am looking at is the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra motherboard. The exact model ram I want is Twinx2048-3200c2pt of Corsair XMS ram; 2 X 1 gig=2gb dual channel kit ram. I remember reading stuff saying that the LANPARTY boards don't take it very well. Is this stuff 100% compatible with that ram? Also, what slots do I put this in to make it dual channel, isn't there some error in the documentation about where to put it...not 1 and 3, but like 2 and 4 or something like that? This probably doesn't belong in this part of the forum, but I might as well try and hit two birds with one stone: I am planning on getting an AMD 3800+ X2 proc. I want not only because it is well regarded and has been recomended to me, but because I intend to OC this thing--but not like crazy. Since I have never done it before, I don't really want to mess with voltages and especially not ram timings, since I just don't get that at all. How much do you think I am stably OC that cpu without messing around too much--basically just increasing the FSB and that is it, anyone know?
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