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  1. i havent met this problem,but i think it's not alive yet
  2. try same older drivers and older bios,or try otherkrajan module from other DFI board
  3. i dont know what is it coused of,but when my Water Cooler isn't connected,when i start speedfan it doesnt shut down,but when the WB is connectes it always shuts down
  4. which bios have u got?maybe the bios flashing will help you
  5. i'd be very happy if the Venus BIOS will be compatibile with Expert
  6. I have had the same problem on DFI Expert and Seagate 160GB 7200.8 SATA2 and i haven't sorted out the problem...
  7. i think that 35°C while idleing is very good temperature , my FX-57 on 3.4GHz is while idling 45°C,and it's water cooled...:(54°C while burning....
  8. try the newest bios adn have u tried to reset bios??i think the problem is there,or the board doesnt like the peripherials
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