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  1. Thanks, Yeah I like the 600watt a lot. I dont really care if the supply has like UV reactive cables and stuff like that, but I am very big on sleeved cables, which the PSU has. Thanks for the link!
  2. Yea, I'm trying to get the best of both worlds in my choice of PSU...(Looks vs. Performance.) Would you feel comfortable going with this PSU? AeroCool Modular SLI PSU
  3. Thanks for the positive commentry, its a first!
  4. Do you mean that the board didnt work when first powered, or that it took some extreme fine tuning?
  5. Thanks! Here's the list: NZXT Lexa Chassis ULTRA-X2 SLI PSU (550 Watt) Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert Athlon FX-60 OCZ Gold Dual Channel 2Gb (2x 1Gig) 2x 120gig SATAII Seagates in RAID 0 2x 7800GTX in SLI (or 2x G71s' when they come out) 52x CD-ROM 48x/16x DVD rom Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu LED CPU Cooler 2x Nv Silencer 5s' for the videcards
  6. Hey all- I've heard that the SLI-DR Expert has TONS of incompatabilities, ( Such as the fact that RAM can only be properly used when in the orange slots) and I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a full list of rules that I would have to follow in setting up a system with the SLI-DR Expert. Thanks in advance
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