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  1. I can get into the boot choice menu no problem by tapping the esc key on the post screen, used to use it all the time when I had MAC OS X on my PC...
  2. What I had to do with xp64 was to type my nic card's MAC addy into the address section of it's proerties in the hardware manager, worked a treat after that..
  3. Yip mine does too, left my card reader with my CF card attatched, cable had fallen behind my desk, 3 hours later, and a stripped down pc, i found the bugger, pulled it out and rebooted no problem...
  4. I presume you have left the drivers installed and turned off the sound in bios, did a full boot. Then turn the sound back on? See what happens then, I have had to do it a couple of times before..
  5. Hi Mate It wasn't under the nvidia volume control, but under the standard miscrosoft volume control, should be right next to master control...
  6. This might be daft... But recently I messed about with a guitar tuning programme, the result was that it turned down the wave output volume, not the main output volume... Took me ages before my eye caught the slider at the bottom on the advanced properties on th evolume control. Worth a shot mate.
  7. No idea what has happened, I have re-installed my old external soundcard and it works perfectly. I suppose my last option would be to flash the bios, cabt see that helping much to be honest though.
  8. No m8 ALL my sound is 2 times speed, even wondows boot up and exit music is 2 times, all notfications are 2 times, everything in fact. Tomb Raider Legends is fine in game apart from the skip scenes and BF2 is fast all the wat through it.. Reset bios last night as well to no effect.
  9. As the topic says, all my sound is now palying at 2 times, sounds like a mad rave party.. Unistalled drivers etc, still the same. Only when I get right into a game does it play normal, although any skip scenes are played at 2x. Anyone heard of this before.. Thx
  10. CAn you not go into the XP DOS mode thingy (cant remember what it's called) via the repair option and do a bootcfg list or search, something like that, think you can alsi add a boot option via that as well..
  11. Hi Guys And thx for the help. had a dive about the settings in Dram menu, tbh totally lost me, so I did a full cmos clear as per DFI instructions, and all is rosey in the garden again... Sitting around 3300. A;though I know i can get this memory to perform better. I know it is sitting on 1T just now, if I lower it to 2T and relax the other settings some, I would probably be able to up the OC a bit... Oh Maarek, looked again at my settings, you were correct m8, don't know how I missed that one..Thx
  12. Hey Guys Can someone with a bit more experience than me, have a look at the Sandra test results on my mem please. Seems to be really slow for me... Thx
  13. Hey all Stared my PC tonight in 64xp, after about 10mins I relised i had no sound... Strange i thiught, maybe just volume, no volum icon in taskbar, so I goto my nvmixer, and i get the error which is displayed below... So i boot into 32bit windows, exact same.... Before I rebooted I checked the bios, sound is at Auto... Loaded optimised settings, rebooted and then when back in and setup as usual... Reinstalled drivers. 8.22 unified from guru3d.. Nothing, nada... Sound doesnt show in device manager, cant see it anywhere. Also, a couple of other questions, in device manager, in ATA controllers scetion, why would I have 3 x Primary IDE controllers, 2 x Secondary IDE controllers and 3 x standard dual pci controllers. ( I have a pci 4 channel ata card).. ! more thing, every so often my bios just resets to default, it can be from cold boot or just a standard reset... Appreciate any help...
  14. As you can see from my rig below I have 3 x ata drives. 1 boots windows xp pro SP2, 1 boots MAC OS X 10.4.3, these are controlled via the boot options by pressing esc..... The question I have is, if I add a sata drive, which controller should I add it to, I want to install xp 64bit and be able to boot off of it... I will be using the same boot option, press esc at boot.... PS I have a 10% overclock on my proc, sitting at 2200 just now instead of 2000, if that makes any difference....
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